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September 2019

09/13/19 SUNDAY: Last Day to Register—Sept 19 Dinner PDF
09/12/19 DEBATE TIME: Single-Payer Sleight of Hand PDF
09/11/19 Wedge Practices Focus on Patients Not Paperwork PDF
09/10/19 CCHF DINNER: Registration Ends in Five Days PDF
09/09/19 TEN DAYS: CCHF Annual Fundraising Dinner, Sept 19! PDF
09/06/19 Facilities that Refuse Doctor’s Orders PDF
09/05/19 Are You Coming on September 19? PDF
09/04/19 ACA Causes Hospital Prices Increases PDF
09/03/19 The Pitfalls of Medicare Advantage PDF
09/02/19 Congress Diverts the Fruits of Your Labor PDF

August 2019

08/30/19 TODAY: Last Day for Early Registration—Sept 19 Dinner PDF
08/29/19 CCHF DINNER: Early Registration Ends Tomorrow! PDF
08/28/19 Assisted Suicide in Single-Payer Canada PDF
08/27/19 CCHF DINNER: Stop Single Payer! Come Sept 19! PDF
08/26/19 Prevent a Hospice Horror Story PDF
08/23/19 Drug Shortages Threaten Patients PDF
08/22/19 “Stopping Single-Payer” Dinner on Sept. 19 PDF
08/21/19 Health Plans Use Networks to Ration Care PDF
08/20/19 Millions of Ineligible Enroll in Medicaid PDF
08/19/19 The Cost of Coverage is Consuming Wages PDF
08/16/19 Medicare for All Will Shutter Hospitals PDF
08/15/19 Rural Hospitals Closing Left and Right PDF
08/14/19 The Threat of a “Right to Health Care” PDF
08/13/19 There’s No Such Thing as “Public Insurance” PDF
08/12/19 The Public Option Won’t Be an Option PDF
08/09/19 Elizabeth Warren is Right about Health Plans PDF
08/08/19 Stopping Single-Payer Dinner - September 19 PDF
08/07/19 Find a Wedge Practice Close to You PDF
08/06/19 Dems Debate How to Impose Socialized Medicine PDF
08/05/19 What We Did in Washington PDF
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