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September 2017

09/18/17 Do What Danny Gorky Did PDF
09/15/17 Tell Congress to Sign Discharge Petition for Repeal PDF
09/14/17 Tell Congress to Just Say No PDF
09/13/17 Escape to The Wedge of Health Freedom PDF
09/12/17 Does the U.S. Constitution Permit Welfare? PDF
09/11/17 Foes of Freedom Still At Large PDF
09/08/17 Nine Ways ACA Redistributes Wages PDF
09/07/17 Snatching Middle Class Wages PDF
09/06/17 Drain the ACA Dry PDF
09/05/17 Medicare Advantage Fraud PDF
09/04/17 Labor Together to Keep America Free PDF
09/01/17 Who's Your Doctor Working For? PDF

August 2017

08/31/17 What is “Quality” in Health Care? PDF
08/30/17 What People Ask About The Wedge PDF
08/29/17 Restore Tax Fairness to Health Insurance PDF
08/28/17 What is Real Insurance? PDF
08/25/17 Nipping Life in the Bud PDF
08/24/17 Eugenics in Iceland PDF
08/23/17 More Privacy in The Wedge PDF
08/22/17 Why Your Doctor's Not Looking At You PDF
08/21/17 Don't Let Socialism Eclipse Freedom PDF
08/18/17 That's Not a Nudge PDF
08/17/17 Five Critical Facts About ACA PDF
08/16/17 Q&A from The Wedge PDF
08/15/17 States Should Stop Volunteering to Comply with Obamacare PDF
08/14/17 States Should Stand Up for States Rights PDF
08/11/17 Will Older Physicians Be Ousted? PDF
08/10/17 What Are They Hiding? PDF
08/09/17 The Wedge Is a Joint Effort PDF
08/08/17 Ask Trump to Stop CSR Bailout PDF
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