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June 2019

06/21/19 Abortion Word Games PDF
06/20/19 Our Second Request to President Trump PDF
06/19/19 Find Good Care at PDF
06/18/19 Obamacare Has Got to Go PDF
06/17/19 Consider Health Sharing and Choose Wisely PDF
06/14/19 Think Carefully Before Choosing Medicare Advantage PDF
06/13/19 What Happened to Affordable Catastrophic Coverage? PDF
06/12/19 Teamsters Live in a Separate Universe PDF
06/11/19 Hospitals Alarmed by Proposed Price Controls PDF
06/10/19 The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records PDF
06/07/19 Lower Your 3.8% Obamacare Investment Tax PDF
06/06/19 Pain Patients Pushing Back on Misapplied Opioid Guideline PDF
06/05/19 Doctors Fleeing Maine Hospital System PDF
06/04/19 Clinic Closes Permanently After Patient Data Deleted PDF
06/03/19 Dangerous FDA Device-Approval Delays? PDF

May 2019

05/31/19 Pharmaceutical Middlemen Make Millions PDF
05/30/19 Independent Doctors are Happier PDF
05/29/19 Find Cheaper Meds in The Wedge PDF
05/28/19 “Right to Try” Drug Law is Untried PDF
05/27/19 Rationing in Medicare is Inevitable PDF
05/24/19 Have you Refused the Medicare “Annual Wellness Visit”? PDF
05/23/19 Trump Administration Should Go Farther on HIPAA PDF
05/21/19 Will Congress Impose Price Controls on Doctors? PDF
05/20/19 SAVE MONEY: Choose Health Sharing and DPC PDF
05/20/19 Seniors Need Choice, Not Auto-Enrollment PDF
05/17/19 California Has Measles Hysteria PDF
05/16/19 Nationwide Prescription Surveillance Advances PDF
05/15/19 Ignore the Hysteria: Facts About Measles PDF
05/14/19 “Big Brother” Book on EHRs Wins Award! PDF
05/13/19 Will Your Hospital Survive? PDF
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