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June 2017

06/19/17 Tell Senate to Repeal ALL Obamacare Taxes PDF
06/16/17 Will California Go Single-Payer? PDF
06/15/17 It Would Still Be Obamacare PDF
06/14/17 What People Ask About The Wedge PDF
06/13/17 Restore Tax Fairness to Health Insurance PDF
06/12/17 State Prescription Surveillance Systems PDF
06/09/17 Using Your Data to Limit Your Drugs PDF
06/08/17 What's Wrong with Other Republicans? PDF
06/07/17 48 Percent of Physicians Making Exit Plans PDF
06/06/17 No Wonder Congress Doesn't Care About Repeal PDF
06/05/17 The True Statistics on Pre-Existing Conditions PDF
06/02/17 What's Hiding in Your Medical Record? PDF
06/01/17 Share Your Thoughts on The Minute PDF

May 2017

05/31/17 THE WEDGE has Specialists Too PDF
05/30/17 Obamacare is Income Redistribution PDF
05/29/17 Even Liberals Have Reasons for Repeal PDF
05/26/17 Bring Back Physician Apprenticeship PDF
05/25/17 Thirteen Senators in a Room PDF
05/24/17 Escape the National Patient ID PDF
05/23/17 Before Obamacare... PDF
05/22/17 Trump Should Drop the Appeal PDF
05/19/17 Where Should Grandma Live? PDF
05/18/17 Full Repeal is Better, Per CBO PDF
05/17/17 THE WEDGE is Three Things PDF
05/16/17 Four Ways to Pay Less for Care PDF
05/15/17 What is Real Insurance? PDF
05/12/17 The Only Way Back to Freedom PDF
05/11/17 Don't Believe the Reports PDF
05/10/17 What's the Root of Unaffordable Prices? PDF
05/09/17 What Jimmy Kimmel Needs to Know PDF
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