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August 2017

08/14/17 States Should Stand Up for States Rights PDF
08/11/17 Will Older Physicians Be Ousted? PDF
08/10/17 What Are They Hiding? PDF
08/09/17 The Wedge Is a Joint Effort PDF
08/08/17 Ask Trump to Stop CSR Bailout PDF
08/07/17 About that Skinny Repeal PDF
08/04/17 Even Liberals Have Reasons for Repeal PDF
08/03/17 That's Not Health Insurance PDF
08/02/17 THE WEDGE is Three Things PDF
08/01/17 Four Ways to Pay Less for Care PDF

July 2017

07/31/17 What's the Root of Unaffordable Prices? PDF
07/28/17 Obamacare Coercion - Cuomo-Style PDF
07/27/17 Insurer Denying Payment for Emergency Room Care PDF
07/26/17 All He Wanted to Do Was Treat Patients PDF
07/25/17 Will Republicans Bailout Democrats? PDF
07/24/17 Why Senator Mike Lee is Voting No PDF
07/21/17 Guarding Charlie Gard's Life PDF
07/20/17 Apple Software Anonymizing Medical Data PDF
07/19/17 Find Affordable Care in The Wedge PDF
07/18/17 Pull Out the Addictive Medicaid Hook PDF
07/17/17 ACA Mandate Killed 250,000 Jobs PDF
07/14/17 Support American Dream not Dependency Dole PDF
07/13/17 Cruz Proposes Opt-Out for Obamacare PDF
07/12/17 Doctors Feel Joy in Freedom PDF
07/11/17 Say Uninsurable Conditions Instead PDF
07/10/17 It's Time to Take the Vote PDF
07/07/17 The Medicaid Cash Cow Enriches Health Plans PDF
07/06/17 Feds Plan Access to Your Medical Date Through... PDF
07/05/17 How to Save $1 Trillion in Medical Costs PDF
07/04/17 Why It's Independence Day in the USA PDF
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