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May 2019

05/10/19 Specialty Drugs Send Taxpayer Part D Costs Sky High PDF
05/09/19 Taxpayers Pay Most Medicare Part D Costs PDF
05/08/19 Should Doctors Be Forced to Meet Transgender Demands? PDF
05/07/19 Fake Cancer Diagnosis to Escape Costs? PDF
05/06/19 New Medical “Freedom of Conscience” Rule PDF
05/03/19 The NP PA Debate is Raging PDF
05/02/19 Why Medicare is Failing PDF
05/01/19 Medicare Encourages Clinics to Become Mini-HMOs PDF

April 2019

04/30/19 Medicare is Going, Going, Gone PDF
04/29/19 Will Distracted Doctors Diagnose Well? PDF
04/26/19 Reality Check on Medicare for All PDF
04/25/19 National “Protect Baby DNA” Day PDF
04/24/19 Health Plans Prefer to do the Disrupting PDF
04/23/19 Pelosi Did A Good Thing PDF
04/22/19 What Trump Wants in Health Care PDF
04/19/19 Surprise Medical Bills and Price Control PDF
04/18/19 A Plan for Trump on Pre-Existing Conditions PDF
04/17/19 Feds Support Free Flow of Patient Data PDF
04/16/19 RESPOND: Do You Want Medicare to Be Primary or Secondary? PDF
04/15/19 UHC and AMA Propose Patient Profiling Codes PDF
04/12/19 Pain Patients Harmed by Opioid Rules PDF
04/11/19 Registering All Children With Birth Defects PDF
04/10/19 What is a DPC Clinic? PDF
04/09/19 Health Sharing Up Close and Personal PDF
04/08/19 Brilliant or Bad Idea for Paying Doctors? PDF
04/05/19 Lowball Estimate of Universal Coverage in California PDF
04/04/19 Finnish Government Quits Over Socialized Medicine Failure PDF
04/03/19 It’s Not Burnout; It’s Moral Injury PDF
04/02/19 The “Good” Medicare Cuts PDF
04/01/19 No Fooling — DOJ Agrees ACA is Unconstitutional PDF
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