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November 2018

11/07/18 Doctors Clamor for Freedom PDF
11/06/18 VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! PDF
11/05/18 Help CCHF Make the $20K MATCH PDF
11/02/18 Great Move By President Trump PDF
11/01/18 Trump Makes Big Move Against Obamacare PDF

October 2018

10/31/18 What Wedge Practices Don’t Do PDF
10/30/18 “Big Brother” Goes to Chicago PDF
10/29/18 Don’t Vote Based on “Pre-Existing Conditions” PDF
10/26/18 The Biggest Privacy Breach Happens Everyday PDF
10/25/18 Second Printing of Big Brother Arrives! PDF
10/24/18 Nearly 300 Practices on The WEDGE! PDF
10/23/18 Canadian Hospitals Target Children for Termination PDF
10/22/18 Medicare Advantage Denies Care Needlessly PDF
10/19/18 Try Health Sharing PDF
10/18/18 Who Wants Affordable REAL Insurance? PDF
10/17/18 Why One Doctor Called It Quits PDF
10/16/18 Ask These Five Questions PDF
10/15/18 Tell the Truth About Socialized Medicine PDF
10/12/18 End the Charity Care Charade PDF
10/11/18 Who Knows Your Medical Secrets? PDF
10/10/18 How Inexpensive Could Medication Be? PDF
10/09/18 Medicare Goes Bust in Eight Years PDF
10/08/18 EHRs Are Causing Physician Burnout PDF
10/02/18 QueueCare in America? PDF
10/05/18 Speaking About Big Brother in Indianapolis PDF
10/04/18 Mayo Doctor Says Mission of Healthcare Corrupted PDF
10/03/18 The Great Physician Exodus PDF
10/01/18 Federal Opioid Bill May Allow Coercion PDF

September 2018

09/28/18 Drug Prices Escape Market Forces PDF
09/27/18 Congress’ Dangerous Price Control Plan PDF
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