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January 2021

01/29/21 Why to Not Choose REAL ID PDF
01/28/21 Lockdowns Have No Clear Benefits PDF
01/27/21 Bipartisan Bill to Cut MN Governor Penalty-Powers PDF
01/26/21 Ivermectin Reduces COVID-19 Mortality by 75 Percent PDF
01/25/21 Biden Pushes Big Government Health Care PDF
01/22/21 The Real Danger of COVID-19 PDF
01/21/21 COVID-19 Led to “Convergence Opportunism” PDF
01/20/21 COVID-19 is More “Coup D’etat” Than Virus PDF
01/19/21 Powerful Opportunists Use COVID-19 Crisis PDF
01/18/21 Trump Solidifies Free-Market Option PDF
01/15/21 Many Health Care Workers Refuse Vaccine PDF
01/14/21 Dangerous Detention Law Proposed in New York PDF
01/13/21 Lawsuit Filed Against PCR Test Author PDF
01/12/21 Three Numbers to Know about COVID-19! PDF
01/11/21 Look Closer at Attack on U.S. Capitol PDF
01/08/21 Scientists Challenge PCR Test for COVID-19 PDF
01/07/21 Spain Will Track Vaccine Refusers PDF
01/06/21 Should You Worry About New COVID-19 Strain? PDF
01/05/21 Cash Incentives for “COVID-19” Diagnoses PDF
01/04/21 Should the Elderly Get the Vaccine? PDF
01/01/21 The Blessings and the Battle PDF

December 2020

12/31/20 How Do mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work? PDF
12/30/20 Unexpected $100K TRIPLE Match — Dec. 31 Deadline! PDF
12/30/20 Study: Coronavirus Vaccine May Backfire PDF
12/29/20 COVID-19 Vaccine Not Intended to Stop the Virus PDF
12/28/20 Are mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Safe? PDF
12/25/20 A Baby Born to Save PDF
12/24/20 Should the Media Not Report Adverse Vaccine Reactions? PDF
12/23/20 Who Will Resist? PDF
12/22/20 The Dark Underside of COVID-19 Relief Bill PDF
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April 18th, 2021