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March 2017

03/27/17 You Called. They Heard. PDF
03/24/17 One Way to Opt Out of Medicare PDF
03/23/17 Tell Congress It's Simple Just Repeal Obamacare PDF
03/22/17 Doctors Joining The Wedge Nationwide PDF
03/21/17 Call Congress On 7th ACA Anniversary PDF
03/20/17 What Conservatives Say About GOP Replace Plan PDF
03/17/17 Stories of Ridiculous Premiums PDF
03/16/17 Republicans are Doing Opposite of Repeal PDF
03/15/17 GOP Bill Opens Taxpayers to Continued Insurer Bailouts PDF
03/14/17 GOP Non-Repeal Bill Written by Health Insurers PDF
03/13/17 Obamacare 2.0 PDF
03/10/17 What is Real Insurance? PDF
03/09/17 What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Will Hurt PDF
03/08/17 THE WEDGE is Growing PDF
03/07/17 Repeal Every Word PDF
03/06/17 Four Ways to Pay Less for Care PDF
03/03/17 British Single-Payer System At Breaking Point PDF
03/02/17 Let's Eliminate the Preexisting Condition Problem PDF
03/01/17 She Desperately Wants a Wedge Physician PDF

February 2017

02/28/17 The Wrongness of Regs PDF
02/27/17 The Latest on Obamacare Replacement Plan PDF
02/24/17 Charity, State Lines and Senator Paul PDF
02/23/17 Rand Paul's Big Repeal PDF
02/22/17 Rand Paul's Big HSA Plan PDF
02/21/17 The Devil is in the Details of Rand Paul's Plan PDF
02/20/17 Senator Paul is Very Serious about Repeal PDF
02/17/17 Send Coercive Consent Forms to CCHF PDF
02/16/17 Where did you call from yesterday? PDF
02/15/17 CALL TODAY Ask Where is the Bill? PDF
02/14/17 Tomorrow is Second Blast into Capitol Hill PDF
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