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August 2018

08/29/18 Showcasing Free-Market Medicine on Sept. 27 PDF
08/28/18 Every Patient Should Read This Book PDF
08/27/18 The Real Reason Your Doctor Pushes Flu Vaccine PDF
08/24/18 Three Question Survey on Access to Medical Records PDF
08/23/18 Fraud By Any Other Name $434 Million PDF
08/22/18 New Practices Join The WEDGE PDF
08/21/18 Resist the Power of the EHR PDF
08/20/18 Think Twice Before Getting Flu Vaccine PDF
08/17/18 Employers Offer Coverage, Not Insurance PDF
08/16/18 EHRs Put Patients in Danger! PDF
08/15/18 How Low Can Prices Go? PDF
08/14/18 Know Who is Treating You PDF
08/13/18 Does Your Doctor Have a Conflict of Interest With You? PDF
08/10/18 Big Brother Breaches and Breakdowns PDF
08/09/18 Trump Admin. Allows Affordable Short-Term Coverage PDF
08/08/18 Showcasing Free-Market Medicine in Action on Sept. 27 PDF
08/07/18 The Socialist Medicare-for-All Pipe Dream PDF
08/06/18 EHRs Are Causing Physician Burnout PDF
08/03/18 Dangerous Plan to Control Doctors PDF
08/02/18 Not Exactly Catastrophic or Affordable PDF
08/01/18 EHR Dangers and The WEDGE Solution PDF

July 2018

07/31/18 Who Knows Your Medical Secrets? PDF
07/30/18 Australia and U.S. End Patient Consent Rights PDF
07/27/18 Should Vaccine-Cautious Doctors Be Re-Educated? PDF
07/26/18 ACA 8020 Rule Guarantees Profits for Health Plans PDF
07/25/18 Americans Buying Big Brother in the Exam Room PDF
07/24/18 Democrats Establish Medicare-for-All Caucus PDF
07/23/18 Health Plan Profits Booming PDF
07/20/18 Should Hospitals Be Tax Exempt? PDF
07/19/18 Why You and Your Doctor Need a Private Contract PDF
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