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January 2017

01/02/17 Hold GOP Feet to the Fire PDF

December 2016

12/30/16 Three Doctors Tell Truth About Electronic Medical Records PDF
12/29/16 Help Us Be Your Voice For Freedom PDF
12/28/16 Eight States Without Wedge Practices PDF
12/27/16 Being Insured Isn't What's Most Important PDF
12/26/16 What's in a Hospital Star Rating PDF
12/23/16 Cheery News All Around PDF
12/22/16 Would you Give a Christmas Gift of Cash, Stock or IRA? PDF
12/21/16 Specialists Join THE WEDGE PDF
12/20/16 Answering Congress's Question about the 20 Million PDF
12/19/16 Losers That Shouldn't Lose PDF
12/16/16 Hospitals on the Wrong Side PDF
12/15/16 Are We On Your List? PDF
12/14/16 THE WEDGE Goes to Washington PDF
12/13/16 Don't Rush Enrollment PDF
12/12/16 Health Sharing Instead of Insurance PDF
12/09/16 MSNBC isn't Happy PDF
12/08/16 The Waffling Begins PDF
12/07/16 Presenting THE WEDGE in Washington, D.C. PDF
12/06/16 The Price is Right PDF
12/05/16 Sink the Cures Act PDF
12/02/16 The Danger of Repeal and Replace PDF
12/01/16 Trump Could Let Seniors Keep Private Insurance for Life PDF

November 2016

11/30/16 The Simplicity of How It Used to Be PDF
11/29/16 Four Ways to Pay Less for Care PDF
11/28/16 Should You Support Paul Ryan's Plan PDF
11/25/16 Are Birth Control Pills Insurable Events PDF
11/24/16 Giving Thanks for America PDF
11/23/16 Family Joins Wedge Practice PDF
11/22/16 Eternal Vigilance Still Necessary Under GOP PDF
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