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June 2018

06/06/18 Some Doctors Want to Become HMOs PDF
06/05/18 "Right to Try" Now Law PDF
06/04/18 Big Brother in the Exam Room PDF
06/01/18 Why You and Your Doctor Need a Private Contract PDF

May 2018

05/31/18 Whack the Root Not the Leaves PDF
05/30/18 A Great Reason to Join The WEDGE PDF
05/29/18 End the Charity Care Charade PDF
05/28/18 What is Freedom Worth to You? PDF
05/25/18 Nurses Protest Zuckerberg Name PDF
05/24/18 Be Careful What You Sign PDF
05/23/18 Doctors are Cash-Paying Patients Too PDF
05/22/18 Will You Agree to “Routine” DNA Sequencing? PDF
05/21/18 Why Don’t You Know the Price? PDF
05/18/18 Should You Dig into Your Child’s DNA? PDF
05/17/18 Why Drug Prices are So High PDF
05/16/18 How Inexpensive Could Medication Be? PDF
05/15/18 California's Baby DNA Warehouse is Huge PDF
05/14/18 It's Up to Trump and the States PDF
05/11/18 Will Mandated Transparency Lead to Price Controls? PDF
05/10/18 Stick With Freedom Not Fear PDF
05/09/18 Doctor on Demand Raises $74 Million PDF
05/08/18 Amazingly A Government Program is Going Away PDF
05/07/18 So Many Breaches PDF
05/04/18 Let’s Stop the Unelected Bureaucrats PDF
05/03/18 Four New Exemptions to Obamacare Penalty-Tax PDF
05/02/18 Want a Free EKG? Pay Cash. PDF
05/01/18 MAYDAY! MAYDAY! The “Kidnapping” of Alfie Evans PDF

April 2018

04/30/18 They Make the Rules, Not You PDF
04/27/18 Scott Walker Wants Your Tax Dollars Sent to Wisconsin PDF
04/26/18 Should Health Insurance Pay for Meal Planning? PDF
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