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September 2016

09/26/16 Patient Privacy for Presidential Candidates PDF
09/23/16 $600 MRIs in the Midwest PDF
09/22/16 Patients Get Less Time Than Paperwork PDF
09/21/16 Why Choose Affordable Catastrophic Coverage? PDF
09/20/16 How Low Could Costs Go? PDF
09/19/16 Hospice Fraud and Patient Neglect PDF
09/16/16 No Right to Healthcare in Constitution PDF
09/15/16 Who Started the EpiPen Firestorm? PDF
09/14/16 The Wedge is Growing PDF
09/13/16 Socialism in Their Souls PDF
09/12/16 American 9/11 Spirit of Courage PDF
09/09/16 Lawsuit Filed Against Obamacare Transgender Rule PDF
09/08/16 Let's Let it Fail PDF
09/07/16 First Wedge Practices Announced PDF
09/06/16 60 Percent Increase Requested in MN PDF
09/05/16 Labor For Freedom PDF
09/02/16 Socialized Medicine by Another Name PDF
09/01/16 If Care Denied File HIPAA Complaint PDF

August 2016

08/31/16 There are Options PDF
08/29/16 The EpiPen Lesson PDF
08/29/16 EPIPen Price Shenanigans PDF
08/26/16 The Implosion PDF
08/25/16 Wisdom From Clarence Thomas PDF
08/24/16 Help Your Doctor Escape PDF
08/23/16 Ask the Question PDF
08/22/16 Why We Oppose Single Pay PDF
08/19/16 Stopping Doctors From Killing Themselves PDF
08/18/16 Beware of Medicare Switcheroo PDF
08/17/16 It's Wedge of Freedom Wednesday PDF
08/16/16 The Medicaid Cash Cow PDF
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