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April 2018

04/25/18 The Wedge, Medicaid and Medicare PDF
04/24/18 California Enforces Charity Care PDF
04/23/18 Deadline TODAY Comment on Restoring Affordable Coverage Option PDF
04/20/18 Four Scary Friday Facts PDF
04/19/18 One-Third of Americans are Wrong PDF
04/18/18 A Great Reason to Join The WEDGE PDF
04/17/18 What is a DPC Clinic? PDF
04/16/18 Facts about Obamacare and Congress PDF
04/13/18 Charity Care Takes a Nosedive PDF
04/12/18 Charity Care or Inflated Costs? PDF
04/11/18 Walmart or The WEDGE? PDF
04/10/18 Iowa Follows Idaho’s Defiant Lead on ACA PDF
04/09/18 Should Auditors Call it Fraud? PDF
04/06/18 High Cost of Sex Change Operations PDF
04/05/18 Can DNA Predict Human Health? PDF
04/04/18 Hospital Charge 947 Percent Higher PDF
04/03/18 Join Twila at Red Pill Expo PDF
04/02/18 Why Drug Prices are Sky High PDF

March 2018

03/30/18 Is This Legal? PDF
03/29/18 Death by a Thousand Clicks PDF
03/28/18 The WEDGE is Working PDF
03/27/18 Tell Congress to Keep Private Data Private PDF
03/26/18 Bailouts Go Bust PDF
03/23/18 Eighth Anniversary of Obamacare Arrives With No Repeal In Sight PDF
03/22/18 Will A Computer Decide Your Care? PDF
03/21/18 Why One Doctor Left His Patients PDF
03/20/18 Nebraska Mandates All Prescriptions Be Reported PDF
03/19/18 Will Minnesota Legislature Eliminate Patient Consent? PDF
03/16/18 Four Scary Friday Facts PDF
03/15/18 What's Really Going On With High Premiums PDF
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