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December 2020

12/21/20 Save COVID-19 Patient Lives—Comment by Dec. 23 PDF
12/18/20 Good News for Christmas Gatherings PDF
12/17/20 Study: Coronavirus Vaccine May Backfire PDF
12/16/20 COVID-19 Vaccine Not Intended to Stop the Virus PDF
12/15/20 Are mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Safe? PDF
12/14/20 How Do mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work? PDF
12/11/20 Wrong Solution for “Surprise” Bills PDF
12/10/20 Is Covid-19 Causing a Shortage of Hospital Beds? PDF
12/09/20 Wear a Mask or Be Fired? PDF
12/08/20 Who’s Up First for COVID-19 Vaccine? PDF
12/07/20 Employer-Sponsored Coverage is Theft PDF
12/04/20 America Does Not Have a COVID Crisis. PDF
12/03/20 Government Imposes COVID-19 Wealth Transfer PDF
12/02/20 Governor-Gone-Rogue in Minnesota PDF
12/01/20 Media Protecting Biden from Blame for COVID Deaths PDF

November 2020

11/30/20 Masks Didn’t Stop Spanish Flu PDF
11/27/20 Resist Tyranny or Give Up Freedom? PDF
11/26/20 Take This Opportunity to Go Free PDF
11/25/20 Are Politics Killing COVID-19 Patients? PDF
11/24/20 Can Employers Force Me to Submit to COVID-19 Testing? PDF
11/23/20 Denmark Plans to Kill 17 Million Mink PDF
11/20/20 Are Vaccine Mandates Coming? PDF
11/19/20 TODAY – Your Last Day to Help Make $20K Match! PDF
11/18/20 TOMORROW — Last Day for $20K Match! PDF
11/17/20 Support CCHF and Freedom — $20K Match! PDF
11/16/20 ACA Lawsuit Heard by SCOTUS PDF
11/13/20 Three Problems with Maine Mask Mandate PDF
11/12/20 Donate Today - Our $20K Match Goes Away in a Week! PDF
11/11/20 Desecration of the Hippocratic Oath PDF
11/10/20 Nursing Home Staff Likely Spread Covid-19 PDF
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