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January 2016

01/18/16 What To Do About Skyrocketing Drug Prices PDF
01/15/16 The Affordable Penalties Act PDF
01/14/16 The Affordable Penalties Act PDF
01/13/16 The Year of Health the Care Hack PDF
01/12/16 What Could the Next President Do? PDF
01/11/16 The Nursing Home Obesity Dilemma PDF
01/08/16 Real Life Exposes Obamacare Realities PDF
01/07/16 Employers Impose Controls on Drugs PDF
01/06/16 Obamacare Is Impacting Everyone PDF
01/05/16 Send Us Data-Collection Forms PDF
01/04/16 The Best Reason to Refuse to Enroll PDF
01/01/16 2016 Has Arrived PDF

December 2015

12/31/15 Three Legal Alternatives to Obamacare PDF
12/30/15 Are You in All-Payer Claim Database? PDF
12/29/15 Thank You For Responding To Call For Action PDF
12/28/15 They Want All Your Data PDF
12/25/15 The Gift of a Lifetime PDF
12/24/15 Zuckerberg Forgets Freedom PDF
12/23/15 Is Zuckerberg $45 Billion a Gift? PDF
12/22/15 Zuckerberg Collective Vision For the World PDF
12/21/15 Is This Your Story? PDF
12/18/15 Two Million Jobs Lost Under Obamacare PDF
12/17/15 Being Insured Isn’t What's Most Important PDF
12/16/15 Help Shut Down Obamacare - Tell Congress No Bailouts PDF
12/15/15 Stop IRS from Tracking Your Donations - Deadline Tomorrow PDF
12/14/15 Things to Know About December 15 Enrollment Deadline PDF
12/11/15 Will The States Rise Up? PDF
12/10/15 War on Cash-Paying Patients in Wisconsin PDF
12/09/15 Bogus Claim on EHRs PDF
12/08/15 Hopeful Trends in Health Care PDF
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