Patient Privacy




CCHC's Public Comments on Medical Privacy

The federal government does not have the legal or moral authority to strip individuals of basic patient rights in order to achieve faster transactions, more convenience, or any other stated rationale. In fact the implementation of the medical privacy rule is an infringement of federalism, to say nothing of Fourth amendment rights.

CCHC's Comments on Centralized Medicare Database

We are concerned not only about the eleven Routine Uses proposed for the data, for which you asked for comment, but also about the new Centralization of patient data on our nation's senior citizens, and its potential for privacy abuses and health care rationing.

Detailed Background Information and Contacts on Medical Privacy Declaration Forms

Declare Your Medical Privacy Intentions

Declare Your Medical Privacy Intentions

Declare Your Medical Privacy Intentions

Financial Institutions Declaration Form


Administrative Simplication

Unique Health Identifier for Individuals

The Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) intends to publish a proposed rule on requirements for a unique health identifier for individuals. These requirements are mandated by law and are part of a process to achieve uniform national health data standards and health information privacy that will support the efficient electronic exchange of specified administrative and financial health care transactions. The Secretary will first publish a notice to discuss the identifier options that have been put forward for consideration and to ask for public comment.