Evidence-Based Medicine

EBM: How Technocrats are Taking Over the Practice of Medicine

Looming on the visible horizon of American health care is  new attempt to control the practice of medicine and limit—indeed ration—patient access to health care services. While doctors often refer to it as "cookbook medicine," this quickly advancing strategy is best known by the name "evidence-based medicine" (EBM).

Physician Letter on Mandatory Use of "Best Evidence"

Dr. Charles Phillips, M.D. from Fresno California succinctly rebuts the idea of "best practices" and "evidence-based medicine."

"The National Quality Forum is setting standards for primary care"

(American Medical News, January 12, 2004) - CCHC quoted

HMO Guidelines or New Mandates?

The key to cost-containment is consumer control over health care dollars. Personal financial incentives, such as medical savings accounts and federal health care tax deductions, will drive health care costs down by encouraging individual cost-consciousness. Although HMOs want their enrollees to believe treatment guidelines will provide safer and better medical care, patients should be cautious about embracing an initiative that may use words on a page to limit health care services.