Health Disparities

Ivermectin Available to Patients

Ivermectin Available to Patients

A bill that would make Ivermection available to all patients, providing easy access to life-saving medication when practice protocols or biased decision-making prevent physicians from prescribing ivermection (safe and effective for over 40 years) and prohibiting pharmacists from refusing to dispense a lawfully-written prescription.

7.1 Million: Not the Number to Watch

7.1 Million:  Not the Number to Watch

The White House is gloating. President Obama’s cast and crew are celebrating their 7.1 million sign-ups. They claim success. Not so fast. This was just an April Fool's joke on the American people.

Healthy People 2010 Document Focuses on Eliminating Health Disparities

"Many advocacy groups felt that accepting lower standards for racial and ethnic groups as compared to the total population was unjust."

THE U.S. CENSUS: From Enumeration to Intrusion

The U.S. Census has become an intrusive data collection tool for the federal government. The change from constitutional enumeration to federal intrusion has turned led to higher costs, public resistance, and lower compliance. The Census Bureau's plans to count everyone, not just citizens, may also deny American citizens their constitutional right to equal representation," says Twila Brase, president of CCHC.

Newborn DNA Sent to U.S. Military for Law Enforcement Database without Parent Consent

Texas began storing newborn DNA, collected for the newborn screening program, in 2002 without parent consent. A recent lawsuit against the State was settled, forcing Texas officials to destroy the 5.3 million infant blood spots in storage.