Click on your state below for the Destruction Form.  

Newborn dried blood spots are valuable because they contain the child's DNA. Some states make the bloodspots available for research without patient consent.

You may or may not have the option to request destruction of the blood spot(s), or the state may not make a form publicly available. Contact your department of health to ask about the blood spot retention practices and how you can ensure your baby's DNA sample is destroyed.

If you have questions about the form or the Newborn Screening (NBS) blood spot retention practices, please contact your state's Department of Health.  

California Destruction Form

Indiana Destruction Form

Iowa Destruction Form (See Additional Blood Spot Return Form Below)

Maine Destruction Form

Michigan Destruction Form (See Additional Research Opt-Out Form Below)

Minnesota Destruction Form

Mississippi Blood Spot Request Form

Missouri Blood Spot Request Form

New York Destruction Form

North Dakota Blood Spot Request Form

Oregon Blood Spot Request Form

Pennsylvania Destruction Form

South Carolina Destruction Form (See Additional Research Opt-Out Form Below)

Texas Destruction Form After 6/1/2012**

Texas Destruction Form Before 6/1/2012**

Utah Destruction Form

Washington Destruction Form

** Date reflects time of collection of NBS bloodspot - NOT time of submitting a request





Michigan Directive to Retain But Not Use DBS For Research

South Carolina Research Opt-Out Form

Note: the state cannot perform research on NBS bloodspots if you order them to be destroyed with one of the forms above. The forms in this section may be completed to allow storage of NBS blood spots with the state, but prohibit research from being performed on them.


(*** page updated May 2020 - additional forms may be added as they become available***)