Provider tax plan ill-advised, says CCHC

Because the HMO tax is passed on directly to small businesses, the business community has pressured the Ventura administration to eliminate this tax burden which has added to the rapidly rising cost of health insurance premiums. As a result of lobbying, the HMO tax was suspended in 1999 and no revenue was collected in 2000.

MinnesotaCare provider tax report reveals tax burden on patients; diversion of funds

"Our research finds that people who support the tax, and those who pay the tax, want the money to be used solely for the MinnesotaCare program&emdash;to insure the uninsured and to reimburse those who care for them," Brase explained. "We believe the public will be surprised by how few dollars have gone into the MinnesotaCare program and how many have been diverted to the General Fund or stashed away for a 'rainy day.'"

Health Policy Group Alarmed that Nevada Legislation Poised to Track "Defective" Kids May be Start of National Database