National Patient ID Would Violate Patient Privacy Rights

Congress must dismiss the data industry's apparent call to centralize, nationalize and socialize private medical information. American privacy rights must be protected from those who wish to impose corporate agendas including unconsented data sharing, patient and doctor profiling, health surveillance, research, and industry profiteering

CCHC Releases New Report Challenging State Newborn Screening Programs

Revealing the untold history of government-mandated PKU testing, which has harmed children and increased the incidence of mental retardation, the CCHC report also cites the concerns of experts regarding the current expansion of newborn genetic testing by state legislatures and health departments.

"Wired Act" Threatens Patient Care and Privacy - U.S. Senate Could Vote Today

Americans should contact their U.S. Senators to oppose S.1693, the "Wired for Health Care Quality" Act, according to Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC). A vote is expected today in the U.S. Senate.

MEDNET USA's Linking of Private Patient Data to National Health Information Network is a Violation of Privacy and Data Control Rights

"Patient data is private data. No patient's private medical and mental health should be placed online and made electronically available nationwide without that patient's informed written consent," says Twila Brase, president of CCHC.

Gov. Pawlenty Protects Genetic Privacy Rights Vetoes "DNA Warehouse" Bill

In a letter dated today View Here, Governor Tim Pawlenty writes that he has vetoed S.F. 3138, the genetic information and DNA bill. S.F. 3138 would have eliminated current informed parent consent requirements for government storage, use, and dissemination of newborn citizen blood and DNA.
Governor Pawlenty's VETO Letter, 5/20/08

CCHC Asks Governor to Veto Baby "DNA Warehouse" Bill

Today, the Minnesota House and Senate voted to eliminate current informed parent consent rights for the storage, use and dissemination of newborn citizen DNA.

CCHC Delivers Pile of Petitions & Bunch of Business Cards to Governor Pawlenty

CCHC today delivered to the Office of Governor Pawlenty at least 1,000 petitions from all corners of the state of Minnesota...and a big bowl filled with hundreds of business cards saying "No government-run health care!"

Less than Perfect: Governor Pawlenty's Health Care Reform Veto

"Unfortunately, the Governor gives a high five to the policy parts of the bill that advance government control over the practice of medicine and impose price controls in health care. These will lead to rationing of care," says Twila Brase, president, CCHC.

CCHC Calls on Gov. Pawlenty to Require Parent Consent for Storage and Use of Baby DNA

Only the Governor can stop the Minnesota Department of Health from eliminating informed parent consent requirements for the storage, use and sharing of newborn citizen blood and DNA, says Citizens’ Council on Health Care at a press conference held today at the Minnesota State Capitol.

MN House votes unanimously to gut the Minnesota Genetic Privacy Law

Today, in a shocking decision, the Minnesota House voted unanimously to eliminate the genetic privacy rights of citizens, starting at birth. The legislation will exempt warehousing, use, and analysis of newborn blood and DNA from the informed consent requirements of the 2006 Minnesota Genetic Privacy Law.