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MDH Statements About Destroying Baby DNA

Various lawsuit documents in which the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) said they would destroy all or part of the Baby DNA bloodspot cards (specimens) and genetic test results. The MDH press release appears to say that they will destroy all data and DNA they collected before the Supreme Court decision.

Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling Favors Genetic Privacy

Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling Favors Genetic Privacy
The Minnesota Supreme Court today issued a ruling in support of the 9-famiies who sued the Minnesota Department of Health for violation of the state genetic privacy law. 

Nine-Family Appelants Reply to the MN Supreme Court re: MN Department of Health Brief

MN Dept of Health Brief to the Minnesota Supreme Court

Maximum Charges for Copies of Patient Records

Providers may charge for copies of patient records. Minnesota Statute 144.292, subdivision 6 limits the amount of these charges. Maximum charges are computed by applying annual changes in the regional Consumer Price Index (CPI) to the charges set by the legislature for calendar year 1992.

Nine-Family Supreme Court Appellant's Principal Brief

MN Supreme Court Ruling - Bearder, et al. vs. State of Minnesota

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