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Submit Your HIPAA Hurt Me Story

Please share your story about refusing to sign the HIPAA privacy form. You are allowed to refuse to sign the clinic or hospital "HIPAA Privacy form.” We encourage you to do so  It’s important to exercise this right, and we need as many stories about what happens when patients refuse to sign the form, particularly if you are denied care, made to feel bad, made to miss your appointment or hurt in any other way. Or perhaps you’re a practitioner and your hospital or ACO system is requiring you to deny care to those who exercise their right to refuse.

Legislative Candidate Pledge on Obamacare

Legislative Candidate Pledge on Obamacare

Please take this form to the legislative candidates that represent you and ask them to sign this pledge, to vote NO on any legislation enacting a state-run or federally-run Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange (HIX). If the candidate refuses, simply add the word “Refused,” sign your name, and add your phone number and the refusal date before returning the pledge form to CCHF. Your name will not be public, but simply used for our verification post-election if necessary).

Sample letter to send to your state Department of Health