Governor Pawlenty and Mayo Clinic Decline to Participate: Only Public Forum on Governor's Genetic Research Initiative is Cancelled

Today, because the Office of Governor Pawlenty withdrew its commitment, and the Mayo Clinic declined to participate, the Citizens' Council on Health Care announces the cancellation of the only scheduled public forum on the Governor's genetic research and biotechnology initiative.

Citizens' Council on Health Care calls on the Food and Restaurant Industry to have SUBWAY Cease their Attack Ads

Today the Citizens' Council on Health Care issued a warning to the U.S. public on what it considers to be a misleading and detrimental advertising campaign currently being run by SUBWAY restaurants.

Citizens' Council on Health Care Raises Medical and Genetic Privacy Concerns at Hearings Today and Monday

To sound the alarm on two proposals set to intrude on citizen privacy, the Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC) will testify today at the legislature...and on Monday before an administrative law judge.

Minnesota Department of Health Required to Hold Public Hearing on Health Surveillance Rules

In response to proposed expansion of health surveillance by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), the Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC) initiated an email campaign. Still two days away from the deadline for meeting the required quota of requests for a public hearing, the email campaign has succeeded in requiring MDH to hold a hearing on proposed amendments to the Communicable Disease Reporting rules.

Minnesota Medical Association Report Disappoints

Patients and front-line physicians are apt to have their hopes dashed by the Minnesota Medical Association's new report on health care reform, according to Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC).

American Medical News

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) held a press conference today to announce their first-ever report on the occurrence of adverse events and medical errors in Minnesota.

PATIENT CONSENT: Does Governor plan to require it for Genomics Research initiative?

Housed at Mayo Clinic is a repository of at least 10 million patient tissue and serum samples discarded during surgery and other medical procedures. In addition, according to the Governor, 15,000 more blood and tissue samples arrive at the Mayo Clinic for analysis every day. According to news reports, the Mayo Clinic's electronic medical record system houses medical data on approximately 4 million patients - and is preparing to accept genetic data.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Voice Your Opinion on Plan to Expand Health Surveillance in Minnesota

WAKE-UP CALL: Technocrats are Taking Over the Practice of Medicine.

Extensively documented, the report: "How Technocrats are Taking Over the Practice of Medicine: A Wake-up Call to the American People," shines a bright light of openness on the terms "evidence-based medicine" and "best practices," including the purposes of proponents and the concerns of critics.

Governor Pawlenty Announces Big Government, Big Business "Cookie-Cutter Medicine" Plan

The Governor's plan to join forces with employer groups to purchase health care is bad news for the citizens and patients of Minnesota, says Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC). According to the Governor, the new purchasing alliance represents more than three-fifths (more than 60%) of all citizens, with more groups expected to join.