Daily Caller: Don’t Let the “Uninsured 20 Million” Statistic Fool You

Daily Caller: Don’t Let the “Uninsured 20 Million” Statistic Fool You

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Twila BrasePresident, Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
While I was on Capitol Hill recently encouraging full repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), one question surfaced repeatedly: “What about the 20 million people who got coverage?”

In The News: CCHF Quoted in FORBES

In The News:  CCHF Quoted in FORBES

Bruce Japsen, Forbes reporter, quotes CCHF President Twila Brase in article title "From the Right, Critics Hit Paul Ryan's Obamacare Repeal Plan." He writes, "Opposition is mounting from conservatives against Republican efforts to delay any full repeal of the Affordable Care Act from within the ranks of those who have opposed the law for more than six years."



Star Tribune publishes CCHF letter on REAL ID

"State Rep. Dennis Smith couldn’t be more wrong (“The key thing is to get a Real ID solution in Minnesota,” May 17). The legislative battle over Real ID has nothing to do with ensuring the ability of Minnesotans to fly. ..." 

Obama Swiftly Vetoes Reconciliation Bill Because Congress Didn’t Deliver

Obamacare is an economic disaster but despite sending a “partial Obamacare repeal” to President Obama’s desk—a repeal that he swiftly vetoed around noon on Friday, Jan. 8—Congress made certain repeal would not happen by giving up the one thing Obama needed.

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THE HILL Publishes CCH Freedom Op-Ed

THE HILL Publishes CCH Freedom Op-Ed

Obamacare is more than the subsidies and exchanges. At stake in the King v. Burwell Supreme Court case is whether the entire health care delivery and insurance system will be taken over by the federal government. THE HILL in Washington, D.C. published the op-ed by CCHF president Twila Brase on the Congress Blog: "Nine Obamacare takeover elements at stake in King v. Burwell."

'Biobank' bill threatens genetic privacy

'Biobank' bill threatens genetic privacy

CCHF President, Twila Brase, was published in the Pioneer Press on April 17, 2013 regarding legislation in the Minnesota House and Senate that would grant authority for DNA and personal medical information to be collected, stored and used for research WITHOUT individual consent. It has now been APPROVED by the Senate but still will need to be heard by the House before it can go to the Governor. Protect your Privacy! Sign the NoBiobank petition

RE: CCHF Letter Opposing MN Collection of Patient Medical Records

Unless the Administrative Law Judge chooses otherwise, the Minnesota public will be at the mercy of the Health Department's warehousing, data-mining, tracking, research and health care rationing agendas. Their private data will be warehoused in the State of Maine and placed online. They won't have had a choice—or a voice.

CCHF Letter to Gov. Pawlenty Opposing Government-Issued Treatment Protocols

After our delivery in May 2004, citizen petitions continued to arrive at our office. We include these because we believe they were not part of the petitions you received last year. And like those delivered last year, we have placed them in a red binder.

Letter to MN Senators - "Seven Concerns"

The Minnesota legislature should not authorize the establishment of a medical decision-making bureaucracy in state government. We believe this legislation is a giant step toward state-approved health care rationing and government control of the practice of medicine. These proposals violate the rights of citizens and patients, interfere in the patient-doctor relationship, and are inconsistent with a free society.

Physician Letter on Mandatory Use of "Best Evidence"

Dr. Charles Phillips, M.D. from Fresno California succinctly rebuts the idea of "best practices" and "evidence-based medicine."