Times Testimony on Minnesota Department of Health Rule 4653 House Health and Human Services Policy Committee Chair: Rep. Lynda Boudreau

Health officials kept the average citizen in the dark about their plan. Although the department sent out notices to various individuals and organizations, the department buried the rulemaking process and the proposed rule in its website where even I, who was looking specifically for it, couldn't find it until I searched under the word "encounter," a word most of the public wouldn't know. Second, the department gave the rule a less than descriptive title: Proposed Permanent Rules for Administrative Billing Data. This title does not indicate that a patient-tracking system was being set up. And finally, the department did not distribute a press release on their intentions, inviting the public to comment.

Minnesota House Health and Human Services Committee H.F. 866 (Transfer vaccine mandating authority to MN Health Department)

Testimony of Twila Brase, R.N. President, Citizens' Council on Health Care before the Minnesota House Health and Human Services Committee

Testimony on provider tax

As you can see on the charts provided for you from our report which we delivered to you on February 15th, provider tax collections between 1992 and 1998 exceed care and coverage expenses by 248%. In other words, two and one-half times more money has been collected than is needed.

Minnesota's Patient Protection Bills

CCHC Testimony on Healthy People 2010

Testimony on Immunization Registries

Testimony on Immunization Registries

No one who is under mandatory government surveillance is free. Privacy is quintessential to freedom. If we wish to preserve the freedom that has made our nation great and has beckoned people from every nation who have been persecuted and pursued by their own governments, then we must not strive to emulate the countries which they, and many of our forefathers, left.