Analysis of Plan to Abolish State Medical Privacy Laws - HR 4157

“This legislation will make sure the national health IT coordinator’s post is a permanent one, and it will overcome some of the key obstacles that have slowed our progress toward adoption of a national, interoperable electronic system” (Rep. Nancy Johnson, Press Release, October 27, 2005).

MinnesotaCare is a Welfare Program

Coverage for inhospital expenses are limited to $10,000 for adults with higher incomes. There is no catastrophic insurance coverage for these adults. Adults risk transfer into Medical Assistance.

Medicaid - History

A federal government document showing the history and growth of Medicaid, beginning in 1965.

Want a Nurse? Get in Line!

Hospitals and nursing facilities across the nation are severely short-staffed. So heard legislators at the Minnesota Workforce Task Force in December. In fact, at one point in the previous two months, four Minnesota hospitals were closed for discretionary admissions at the same time because there was not enough staff to care for patients, according to the Minnesota Nurses Association.