About CCHF

CCHF is organized as an independent 501(c)3 national non-profit organization.

It was co-founded by CCHF president Twila Brase and Chairman Emeritus Martin Kellogg and incorporated by the State of Minnesota on August 10, 1998. 

In October 2010, the organization's name was changed from Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC) to Citizens' Council for Health Freedom (CCHF).


Our Mission

CCHF exists to protect patient and doctor freedom.



CCHF Board members: (Front): Twila Brase, Saga Stevin, Kay Nickelson, (Back): Richard Morris, Val Baertlein, Nigel Clemonds, Wayne King
[not pictured: Mike Melnychuk]

CCHF Officers and Board of Directors

President & Co-founder
Twila Brase, RN
Public Health Nurse
Wayne King
Twin Oaks Realty
Kay Nickelson, RN
Mike Melnychuk
Founder — HR Simplified, Inc.
Nigel Clemonds
Senior Project Consultant
Saga Stevin 
PRP and Lab Specialist

Martin N. Kellogg, who co-founded CCHF with Twila Brase,
passed away on March 21, 2019. We honor his memory 
and appreciate all he did to make CCHF the powerful
force for patient and doctor freedom that it is today.