Health Exchanges -Obamacare

“The ACA cannot be implemented without an insurance exchange in each state. It’s a go or it’s a no-go. It’s that simple.”

As Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, Sept 2012, HealthDay.

“The exchange is the foundation of health care…Without these exchanges we’re really not going to reform anything.”

Terry Gardiner, national policy director for the Small Business Majority in 2010.

ACA I, II, III – Why the Affordable Care Act Should Be Repealed

Refuse to Enroll” plus Billboard and Bus Shelter Posters

2014 Billboard Campaign

Three Legal Alternatives

** Although exchange supporters encourage insured individuals and families to try to find lower-cost taxpayer-subsidized coverage on the government exchange, there is no reason to change coverage if an individual or family currently has private health insurance that meets federal requirements.

9 Exemptions and 14 Hardship Waivers – Obamacare Mandate

Hardship Exemption Information:

Qualifications for Exemption from ACA Mandate

Application for Hardship Exemption to ACA Mandate

Health Insurance Exchanges – Top Ten Terribles

15 REASONS: Oppose Obamaʼs Health Insurance Exchanges

CCHF mailed letters to all 50 Governors asking them to refuse to set up a state-based federal exchange (Florida letter as example)

Private Health Insurance Exchanges

MN EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS – contracts, letters, rejection letter

FEDERAL EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS (limited list) – letters from Congress and Federal Departments

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