HIPAA: The Deliberate Deception

Americans should know that HIPAA does NOT protect patient privacy. Americans can legally refuse to sign the “HIPAA privacy form” in order to expose HIPAA and refuse to further propagate the deception.

CCHF has long fought to repeal and replace HIPAA with a real privacy rule. Learn more about our efforts and stay informed when it comes to patient privacy and HIPAA.

Do you know the truth about HIPAA?

In 2022, CCHF visited the Minnesota State Fair to interview fairgoers about HIPAA. Our goal was to see what people thought HIPAA stood for and what it accomplished. After hours of interviews, we learned that people have been deceived to believe that HIPAA protects their medical privacy.

Each person we spoke with was shocked to learn that the purpose of HIPAA is not to protect their private medical information – that it actually serves as a permissible data sharing rule. To view this video, click here.

CCHF has also worked to expose HIPAA and to be a force for change in repealing and replacing HIPAA at the federal level.

There are many ways that HIPAA harms Americans. To read more about HIPAA’s harmful legacy and how HIPAA is actually a permissive data-sharing rule, click here.


HIPAA and Health Surveillance
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