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NewCCHF Launches “DON’T BE BULLIED” Billboard Campaign

CCHF Launches “DON’T BE BULLIED” Billboard Campaign

The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom has launched an ambitious billboard campaign with the intent of raising awareness and building resistance to the vaccination mandates that are currently being used as an effort to coerce Americans into submitting to the “jab”.

NewHelpful COVID-19 Resources

Helpful COVID-19 Resources

Three resources for public access and assistance within the Coronavirus "drawer" of the CCHF Patient Toolbox. Use them as a resource on the vaccine, adverse reactions, early treatment options and legal assistance.

NewEARLY TREATMENT for Covid-19 - Options and Resources

EARLY TREATMENT for Covid-19 - Options and Resources

It’s important to stop the viral replication stage of COVID-19, thereby avoiding the dangerous cytokine storm and the microthrombosis (mini-clots) stages. Here is a list of options for receiving early treatment, including ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), if an individual cannot find access to early treatment elsewhere. "Treat first. Test later. Don't wait for test results." "Delay is what's killing people." -- Dr. Darrell DeMello, MD

NewYour Right to Refuse Vaccination

Your Right to Refuse Vaccination

Employer Mandates Not Allowed: Pfizer says its vaccine is considered an investigational drug until it’s approved. Because the vaccines are not yet FDA-approved (often takes 10 years), this means, according to the government, which doesn’t require its own employees to be vaccinated that COVID-19 vaccines cannot be mandated. CLICK HERE for legal resources and printable pdf documents, provided by America's Frontline Doctors, to give your employer and/or school for mandatory vaccination as conditions of employment/enrollment.

NewWhat You Don't Know About HIPAA -- Interview with Twila Brase

What You Don't Know About HIPAA -- Interview with Twila Brase

On this, the 18th anniversary of the so-called federal HIPAA "privacy" rule, CCHF's president Twila Brase answers the questions that most people have about HIPAA, exposing the myth that HIPAA protects privacy.  Click here to watch the video.

NewAsk Your Governor to Ban Vaccine Passports - SAMPLE LETTER

Ask Your Governor to Ban Vaccine Passports - SAMPLE LETTER

Dear Governor, I am requesting that you ban vaccination passports. On March 12, the Biden administration announced that they would be releasing guidance on implementing a vaccine passport system nationwide. These passports infringe on my rights to freely engage in daily life. . . .  Please use your executive power to protect me and every other citizen in this state from this aggressive federal assault on my human rights and constitutional freedoms. . . .