Chris Cuomo’s Ivermectin Revelation: A Welcome Turn or Convenient Redemption?

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) Co-founder and President Twila Brase provides the following statement on Chris Cuomo’s recent commentary on ivermectin: 

“Chris Cuomo’s sudden endorsement of ivermectin is a welcome surprise. However, his on-air refusal to apologize for the harm caused by his relentless campaign against those who refused the mRNA injection dampens this good news. Cuomo is right to say it was ‘wrong’ to disparage this lifesaving drug, but there’s no bringing back the hundreds of thousands of Americans who died from COVID-19 or the estimated 17 million who are facing Long Covid symptoms today because of government and media lies about ivermectin.  

“In one of the government’s largest disinformation campaigns ever waged against Americans, with people desperately buying ivermectin wherever they could find it, where was Cuomo’s journalistic curiosity? As vaccine injury numbers ratcheted up and sudden deaths were televised around the world, why was the danger ignored?  

Is Cuomo’s newfound position an attempt at Covid amnesty, or is it an authentic turnabout? We hope the latter, and we look forward to him continuing to report the facts on all things Covid, including the dangerous mRNA injections.  

“CCHF has long been at the forefront of addressing the government and media ‘war on ivermectin.’ We’ve long known and advocated for recognition of the drug as an affordable, viable, and highly effective treatment option for COVID-19. CCHF remains committed to advocating for patient and physician autonomy and access to all available treatment options – including ivermectin.  

“It took three years for Chris Cuomo to report the truth about ivermectin. How long will it take the government to do the same?” 

May 10, 2024

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