Health Sharing – Coverage Without Insurance

As health care costs continue to rise, individuals and families face difficult choices about health care coverage. More than 1 million Americans have found an alternative in health sharing organizations, formerly called medical sharing. Under the Affordable Care Act, health-sharing is an option.

Health sharing groups have been available for decades, but many Americans do not know about this valuable and affordable option for coverage. If you haven’t heard of them before now, you are not alone. 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) lists health sharing as one of nine exemptions to the individual mandate and its penalties. Thus, those enrolled in health-sharing have coverage and do not have to pay the penalty* despite not being ‘insured.’ To comply with the ACA reporting mandate, simply list health-sharing on your IRS tax return. For more information on reporting health sharing, contact your tax accountant*

(Note: 2019: The mandate’s penalites have been zeroed out)

Medical Sharing: An Inexpensive Alternative to Health Insurance – 2010 (updated in 2022) report by CCHF president, Twila Brase

Safe Haven: How Mutual Aid Can Protect Families in Times of Trouble – 2014 Report by CCHF Senior Policy Fellow, Greg Scandlen

Comparison information

* Please note: The comparison information below is dated by the year of collection and is a tool for a first-step comparison/research.  For actual policies, please call the health sharing groups directly to ask questions and make your own comparison to determine your best individual option.

Health Care Sharing Ministries – Comparison Chart, 2022 – Including: Christian Healthcare Ministries, Christian Care Ministry (Medi-Share), Liberty HealthShare Ministries, and Samaritan Ministries

Health Sharing Groups:

Altrua Health Share – 888-204-0093
Christian Care Ministry (Medi-Share) – 800-772-5623

Christian Healthcare Ministries – 800-791-6225
CMF CURO – 800-840-7471 (affiliated with Samaritan Ministries)
Liberty HealthShare – 855-58-LIBERTY / 888-508-3275

Samaritan Ministries International – 877-764-2426

** CCHF is not affiliated with any health-sharing organization or insurance provider. To understand if the health sharing option is right for you, contact these organizations directly.

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