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UrgentRuling Against NY Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers is Right Decision

Ruling Against NY Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers is Right Decision

Reacting to the recent victory for health care workers in New York, Citizens' Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) releases the following statement from Twila Brase, CCHF’s president and co-founder: “The tide is turning away from Covid mandates. New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerard Neri’s Jan. 13 ruling to strike down a statewide mandate for medical staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is a win for facts and individual freedom. Pfizer has already admitted the vaccine does not stop transmission and it’s clear the Covid shot does not stop anyone from contracting COVID-19. 

UrgentCCHF Coalition Letter to Stop the National Patient ID

CCHF Coalition Letter to Stop the National Patient ID

CCHF's letter opposing the creation of a Unique Patient Identifier (aka a national patient ID) was signed by 25 other organizations and sent to key Senators on the Appropriations Committee. This UPI has been prohibited for more than 20 years due to concerns about patient privacy, personal autonomy and the national security risks associated with centralized databases of personal information.  

UrgentTAKE ACTION — Protect Newborn Privacy and Parental Consent

TAKE ACTION — Protect Newborn Privacy and Parental Consent

ALERT: Congress returns November 14. In these last weeks of 2022, a parent-consent battle is taking place in Washington, D.C. Proponents of government newborn (genetic) screening want Congress to pass the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act (H.R. 482) before 2023 -- with no parental consent requirements for researcher use of newborn DNA, which has been stored by states without parent consent. Ask Congress to require parent consent. CLICK HERE to send a quick message.  



The COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide provides "Immediate Steps to Reduce Your Risk of COVID-19 and "Long Haul" Covid Disease." The Guide, which includes Quick-Action Summary and instructions for an Early Treatment Kit, will help you better understand this viral disease, find useful resources, make decisions about Covid prevention and treatment in a timely manner, and do everything you can to protect you and yours. More than 118,000 copies have been downloaded!

UrgentAnnouncing: New CCHF Logo!

Announcing: New CCHF Logo!

CCHF is pleased to announce our new logo — a fresh image to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our organization. Look for the new logo to begin appearing on all our materials starting the week of January 23, 2023!

UrgentKNOW YOUR RIGHTS – Refuse to Sign HIPAA


Did you know that HIPAA does not protect your privacy? Did you also know that you are NOT required to sign or initial any healthcare facilities Notice of Privacy Practices, either on paper or any electronic device?  Keep these resources with you on your next visit to a clinic or hospital.  For more information, please go to