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Watch our new animated video to promote The Wedge of Health Freedom®, a nationwide online directory of independent, cash-based practices.

Protecting Patient and Doctor Freedom

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CCHF has updated its COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide with Immediate Steps to Reduce Your Risk of COVID-19 and “Long Haul” Covid Disease.

View CCHF's Model State Legislation Library!

This Library was designed to provide state policymakers with model legislation that protects patient rights, individual freedom of choice, medical privacy, and affordable access to care. The templates are written for easy adaptation in any state.

Can Socialized Medicine Be Stopped?

So-called “private plans” are bringing socialized medicine to America. Unless you read medical news, you might not know it. Health plans are gobbling up doctors and hospitals. Hospitals are buying health plans. Care and coverage are merging. This is socialized...
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The Battle Over Ivermectin Must Be Won
The Battle Over Ivermectin Must Be Won

Ivermectin is scientifically proven to be safe, effective, and affordable. It’s on the World Health Organization’s “Essential medications” list. It’s been FDA-approved for 40 years.Yet doctors are terrified to prescribe it.Still today — four years after COVID-19...

Refuse the REAL ID in 2024!
Refuse the REAL ID in 2024!

As 2023 comes to an end, Americans are left wondering about what the future holds for REAL ID in 2024.As you may know, CCHF has actively fought REAL ID for many years.   Congress recently held a hearing on REAL ID. Keep the elements of Marxist control, such as Chinese...

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Act Now: CCHF is Always Working

Each day, CCHF works to protect patient and doctor freedom. We know that securing health freedom for all is an effort that must involve the federal government, as well as state and local governments. Learn more about what CCHF is doing right now across the country – and in your state. Get involved in the fight for health freedom!

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