Check Credentials In The Hospital

These are minimum standards only. Many health care professionals may exceed these standards and some states may require more training than these minimum standards. There may be health care professions not included in this list.

Health Care ProfessionsAcronym / TitlesMinimum Classroom EducationMinimum Clinical EducationSource
Apprentice Medical Scribe ProfessionalA.M.S.PCertification Exam< 200 hoursAHDPG
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse1A.P.R.N.RN + 1 year2400 – 1000 hoursNurse Journal
Certified Medical AssistantC.M.A.None3 or 10 monthsNAMedAssistantEdu
Certified Medical Scribe ProfessionalC.M.S.P.Certification Exam> 200 hoursAHDPG
Certified Nursing AssistantC.N.A.75 hoursIncorporated in curriculumAll Nursing Schools
Certified Nurse MidwifeC.N.M.Varies: RN + 3 yearsNoneMidwife
Doctor of ChiropracticD.C.3 years graduate41 yearACA
Doctor of OsteopathyD.O.4 years graduate43 yearsAAO
Doctor of Dental SurgeryD.D.S.Dental School5 + 2 yearsIncorporated in curriculumAAOM
Doctor of Dental MedicineD.M.D.Dental School + 2 yearsIncorporated in curriculumAAOM
Doctor of Podiatric MedicineD.P.M.4 years graduate42 yearsAACPM
Certified Lab TechnicianC.L.T.2 yearsIncorporated in curriculumAcademicInfo
Licensed Practical/Vocational NurseL.P.N. / L.V.N.7 monthsIncorporated in curriculumAll Nursing Schools
Physician / Doctor of MedicineM.D.4 years graduate43 yearsAAMC
Nurse Practitioner1N.P.RN + 1 year2400 – 1000 hoursNurse Journal
Physician AssistantP.A.27 months2,000 hoursAAPA
Physical TherapistP.T.3 years graduate6Incorporated in curriculumAPTA
Ocupational TherapistO.T.2 years graduate~24 weeksStudy
Registered DieticianR.D.Bachelors degreeIncorporated in curriculumNutritionEd
Registered NurseR.N.2 yearsIncorporated in curriculumAll Nursing Schools
Respiratory TherapistR.T.Associates degreeIncorporated in curriculumAARC

1. An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) is the same as a Nurse Practitioner (NP).

2. Applies for individuals who have already obtained a Registered Nurse (RN) degree.

3. Most states do not license or certify medical assistants.

4. Undergraduate degree (4 years) required prior to enrolling in graduate studies.

5. Undergraduate degree (4 years) recommended, but not required prior to enrolling in dental school. Standards for admissions can be found on the ADA website.

6. Entry level Physical Therapists are now required to obtain a doctorate instead of a bachelors or masters.


September 13, 2023

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