Truth About Face Masks

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What Experts Say About Masks

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A Cluster Randomized Trial of Cloth Masks Compared with Medical Masks in Health Care Workers

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‘A Lot of Variables’: New Research Into Popular Gaiters Highlights Challenges of Testing Mask Safety
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CCHF Commentaries and Cartoons

Commentary: Face Freedom, Not Face Masks
Mandated masking of individuals in a free society must never be considered acceptable, legitimate – or the new normal
Alpha News MN: Twila Brase – August 28, 2020

Commentary: Unmask America’s Children
Let’s send America’s children back to school and leave the fear behind
Alpha News MN: Twila Brase – September 18, 2020

Commentary: A Time for Choosing: Face Masks or Freedom?
It is time for every forcibly-masked American to make a choice.
Alpha News MN: Twila Brase – September 24, 2020

Commentary: The ‘face mask con’ continues
Mistakes of this magnitude are hard to admit; the consequences severe.
Alpha News MN: Twila Brase – October 30, 2020

Commentary: Mask mandates hearken back America’s first fight for #FaceFreedom
Why are Americans still wearing masks? Why did they ever start? 
Alpha News MN: Twila Brase – January 29, 2021

Brase: Why Governor Walz Should Not Impose a
Mask Mandate in Minnesota

No Evidence that Cloth Masks Protect Against Coronavirus
Alpha News MN: Twila Brase – July 22, 2020

CDC Daily Updates – Click here for link!

CCHF Videos

“Experts Say Face Masks Don’t Protect”
(July 24, 2020)

“Face Masks Mandates — Facts not Fear”
(June 25, 2020)

September 25, 2023

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