CCHF Releases Animated Video: “Introducing The Wedge”

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) is announcing today a new animated video to promote The Wedge of Health Freedom®, a nationwide online directory of independent, cash-based practices.

The animation begins with the words, “Once upon a time, doctors were free…”

In an era where the mission of medicine has been taken over by the business of health care, The Wedge shines a spotlight on the independent practices, including doctors, dentists and pharmacies popping up nationwide, that are not controlled by corporate interests or government programs. This innovative online directory highlights health care practitioners liberated from the constraints of third-party interference, fostering an environment where medical excellence is prioritized, and medical decisions are based solely on the patient’s best interests.
“CCHF is excited to introduce this animated video as a tool to educate patients and doctors about a patient-centered alternative to today’s impersonal, restrictive health care system. This video also directs them to The Wedge of Health Freedom® to find a doctor who works for them,” says Twila Brase, RN, PHN, co-founder and president of CCHF and founder of The Wedge. “We are building a parallel system of health care freedom. The Wedge offers Americans a vision of where health care needs to go – ethically, medically, and compassionately,” adds Brase.

CCHF’s compelling video—less than two minutes long—details why health care practitioners should embrace a cash-based model, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality, personalized care without bureaucratic hurdles or outside interference. Doctors in cash-based practices can prioritize patient well-being and advocate for the most effective and individualized treatment plans.

Engaging animated characters take viewers on a quick journey through the benefits of joining The Wedge, emphasizing the importance of placing control back into the hands of patients and those closest to the patients – their doctors.

“This animated video will appeal to all ages, introducing The Wedge and paving the way to a future where patients come first, privacy is protected, and medical decisions are not restricted by corporate protocols. The Wedge is guided by 8 patient-centered principles, including that all patients are welcome, no matter what kind of coverage they have or don’t have,” says Brase.

CCHF calls on all Americans to join The Wedge and move toward a future of patient-centered, affordable, interference-free, and confidential medical care.

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January 29, 2024

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