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12/18/14 Were Parents Told Truth About Genomic Testing? PDF
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New10 Harmful Ways Gov’t Will Use Your Data

10 Harmful Ways Gov’t Will Use Your Data

Monday, CCH Freedom released our first publication of stories on “The HIPAA Privacy Deception.”  In short, there’s no privacy. HIPAA is not what people think it is. The 12 stories came from people who legally refused to sign the so-called “HIPAA privacy form” at their clinic or hospital.

NewFlorida’s Obamacare Ploy 

Florida’s Obamacare Ploy 

ST. PAUL, Minn.—The state of Florida will soon begin selling health insurance coverage plans through a “marketplace” that will operate much like a state exchange, but without the connection to HealthCare.Gov or the access to subsidies provided to patients through the state exchanges.

New$10,000 Matching Grant for 2014 End of Year!

$10,000 Matching Grant for 2014 End of Year!

An Anonymous Donor just dropped a wonderful gift on our doorstep. The matching grant is only available for donations that ARRIVE to us by Monday, December 29, 3:00 p.m. CST. Your donation will help us continue our fight to stop Obamacare, reveal the HIPAA privacy deception and protect the genetic privacy rights of the tiniest citizens. Please DONATE before Dec. 29 at

NewHIPAA’s Privacy Deception

HIPAA’s Privacy Deception

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Millions of patients scrawl their signature on that form whenever it’s slid across the counter at the doctor’s office, dentist’s office or hospital. It can even be as easy as “clicking” a signature at a sign-in kiosk before a procedure like a mammogram.

NewThe HIPAA Privacy Deception

The HIPAA Privacy  Deception

This document of personal stories of patients who refused to sign the HIPAA privacy form is part of CCH Freedom’s “Refuse to Sign HIPAA” campaign. Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom is using this campaign to highlight the fact that the “HIPAA Privacy Rule” does not protect patient privacy – and that patients are not required to sign the so-called “HIPAA privacy form.” 


NewHouse Passes Newborn Screening Bill with Informed Consent Amendment; Heads to President’s Desk for Signature

House Passes Newborn Screening Bill with Informed Consent Amendment; Heads to President’s Desk for Signature

ST. PAUL, Minn.—The U.S. House of Representatives last night passed by unanimous consent the “Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act of 2014” (H.R. 1281), with the inclusion of an amendment that requires that parents give informed consent before their babies’ DNA can be used for federally funded research. Now, the last step for the measure to become law is a signature from the President.



By federal law, you are not required to sign the clinic or hospital HIPAA "Privacy" form...even if the clinic or hospital tries to insist that you must. The form has nothing to do with consent or privacy. The form is actually just an acknowledgment that you have received and understood the clinic or hospital's "Notice of Privacy Practices," which given the permissive access allowed, could better be described as a Notice of Data Disclosure Practices. Federal law only requires...