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10/21/14 No Protection From Political Fallout PDF
10/20/14 Obamacare Headed for Financial Disaster PDF
10/17/14 Whose Data is Your Data PDF
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NewA November Tea

A November Tea

CCHFreedom is sponsoring a special November Tea hosted by our own Wendy Leines targeting a special project aimed at informing new parents in the state of Minnesota about the change in their newborn's baby DNA retention.

NewCheckboxes, Ebola, and Embedding the EHR

Checkboxes, Ebola, and Embedding the EHR

Should the EHR be blamed? After a Texas hospital let Liberian Thomas Duncan go home (with Ebola), hospital officials blamed the electronic health record (EHR). A day later, they retracted their statement -- without explanation.

New7 Smart Reasons Not to Enroll in Obamacare

7 Smart Reasons Not to Enroll in Obamacare

ST. PAUL, Minn.—This past year was the biggest test for the Affordable Care Act. And Obamacare failed miserably on many levels. From technological enrollment glitches to privacy concerns, Obamacare didn’t gain many new fans in 2014. In fact, the government health care plan alienated more than it won over.

NewBetween a Rock…and a Readmission

Between a Rock…and a Readmission

We’re in a hard place. Last year, Obamacare initiated a program to reduce so-called “excess readmissions” in hospitals. Section 3025 requires all hospitals subject to the policy to pay a penalty, called a “payment adjustment,” up to 3% if they readmit too many Medicare patients within 30 days of discharge.

NewSouth Dakota Ballot Initiative Could Give Patients Health Care Freedom

South Dakota Ballot Initiative Could  Give Patients Health Care Freedom

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Next month, South Dakota voters will see an initiative on their ballots that could put health care decisions back in their own hands.

NewGovernment Uses Ebola Scare to Trample Americans’ Freedoms

Government Uses Ebola Scare to Trample Americans’ Freedoms

ST. PAUL, Minn.—For much of the summer, the Ebola epidemic seemed like a far-away problem without much threat here at home.

But now, a Liberian man who flew to Texas to visit family has been diagnosed with the deadly disease, and fears have escalated.




By federal law, you are not required to sign the clinic or hospital HIPAA "Privacy" form...even if the clinic or hospital tries to insist that you must. The form has nothing to do with consent or privacy. The form is actually just an acknowledgment that you have received and understood the clinic or hospital's "Notice of Privacy Practices," which given the permissive access allowed, could better be described as a Notice of Data Disclosure Practices. Federal law only requires...