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NewCCHF Gathering Online Petitions to Stop Minnesota-Only EHR Mandate

CCHF Gathering Online Petitions to Stop Minnesota-Only EHR Mandate

ST. PAUL, Minn.—As the new year began, doctors and mental health professionals discovered a troubling Minnesota mandate, the only one like it in the entire nation. On January 1, 2015, every health care provider in the State of Minnesota was required to employ an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system—which could cost tens of thousands of dollars and will compromise patients’ private medical information.

NewSupreme Court Begins Hearing Arguments Wednesday That Could Unravel Obamacare

Supreme Court Begins Hearing Arguments Wednesday That Could Unravel Obamacare

ST. PAUL, Minn.—On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in the landmark case King v. Burwell, which, if found in favor of the plaintiffs this summer, could unravel Obamacare for good.

NewDo Not Cave on Obamacare

Do Not Cave on Obamacare

The fear is palpable. It seems many Republicans and conservatives are afraid of winning the King vs. Burwell ACA subsidy care against the Obama administration. I overheard someone saying it might even be better to lose! Not true. If bureaucrats can make the law say whatever they want it to say, we are in deep trouble. 

NewObamacare Racks Up More Failures

Obamacare Racks Up More Failures

ST. PAUL, Minn.—The second Obamacare open enrollment period officially ended Sunday—after a week’s extension due to more web site glitches. Meanwhile, late last week the Obama Administration announced it had sent approximately 800,000 customers incorrect tax forms and asked them to delay filing their taxes as a result. It also extended enrollment until April 20 to give people penalized for being uninsured in 2014 time to get covered in 2015.

NewCCH Freedom Testifies on Three Ways to Protect Medical Privacy at House Committee HearingĀ 

CCH Freedom Testifies on Three Ways to Protect Medical Privacy at House Committee HearingĀ 

The Minnesota House of Representatives Civil Law and Data Practices Committee, held an informational hearing to learn more about protecting patients’ health information in the state.

The morning’s presentation, titled “Protecting Medical Privacy in Minnesota,” included testimony by CCHF on protecting patients’ rights and data and the threats to Minnesota’s current privacy protections as a result of efforts to repeal the state’s privacy law by requiring the state to conform to HIPAA.

NewThe Scary Truth Behind Birth Certificates

The Scary Truth Behind Birth Certificates

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom Releases New Report on Newborn Data Collection; Says Birth Certificates and Newborn DNA Storage Pose Double Threat   

ST. PAUL, Minn.—There’s something expectant parents should know about the private, sensitive information being shared at the hospital at the time of their baby’s birth.



By federal law, you are not required to sign the clinic or hospital HIPAA "Privacy" form...even if the clinic or hospital tries to insist that you must. The form has nothing to do with consent or privacy. The form is actually just an acknowledgment that you have received and understood the clinic or hospital's "Notice of Privacy Practices," which given the permissive access allowed, could better be described as a Notice of Data Disclosure Practices. Federal law only requires...