As Health Records Go Digital, Where They End Up Might Surprise You



National Reports

50-State Health Surveillance Report - state databases tracking birth defects, cancer, newborn screening & vaccinations. Find your state on the map. Report includes actual language laws or regulations from each state.

National Patient ID

HIPAA Stories Book

Why Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Should Not be Mandated 


Minnesota Documents

Why Small Clinics Should Be Exempt from Minnesota Electronic Health Records (EHR) Mandate

Letters from Clinics to Support Small-Practice Exemption MN‐Only Electronic Health Record Mandate

Minnesota Electronic Disease Surveillance System (MEDSS) - Diagram


Unique Patient Identifier

Chief Health IT Executives Push for National Patient ID System

Privacy Violations

ICD-10 - 4 Pages of Concerns


TAKE ACTION: Refuse to Sign HIPAA Privacy Form
ALERT: You can refuse to sign HIPAA "Privacy" Form - link to federal government's website admits you are allowed to refuse
HIPAA: The Grand Deception ONE PAGE INFO & ACTION SHEET - use to educate clinic staff and as authority to refuse to sign HIPAA forms.
Mayo Clinic Privacy Notice showing where Minnesota and Iowa Privacy Laws are stronger than HIPAA - State legislatures are allowed to pass laws which actually protect privacy and limit the permissive access to medical records that has been granted to 2.2 million entities by HIPAA (2006/2003) and the HITECH Act (2009).


CCHF's President Commentary

Your Data Will Be Used Against You - August 29, 2012


Surveys and Polls

California HealthCare Foundation Medical Privacy Survey - Jan. 28, 1999


Privacy Lawsuits

(Part 1) Accretive Health, Inc., v. State of Minnesota - Jan. 19, 2012

(Part 2) Accretive Health, Inc., v. State of Minnesota - Jan. 19, 2012


Government Documents

Letters from Congress to HHS Calling for Halt in EHR/Meaningful Use Incentives (payments) - October 2012

Synthesis of Lessons Learned in the First 5 Years of State and Regional Demonstration Health Information Exchange Projects - March 2011 (AHRQ)

Health Info Tech - HHS Is Taking Steps to Develop a National Strategy, May 2005 (GAO)

Summary and Justification for HIX IT Development

HIX Federal System of Records

HIPAA Privacy Notice - You Are Not Required To Sign

Minnesota Dept. of Health Registries - list of MN state health databases and specimen collections from 2013.


Safety Issues

FDA Testifies to Six Reported Deaths and 44 Reported Injuries due to Health IT - February 25, 2010.

ECRI "Top 10 Health Technology Hazard list" includes 3 Health IT topics, Healthcare IT News, November 6, 2012.