The battle over REAL ID has escalated...because YOU are taking action. Keep up the pressure. The Senate REAL ID bill (SF 3589) is up for a floor vote TODAY with the House vote likely soon (see below).

Three things happened today...because of YOU:

1) House Speaker Rep. Kurt Daudt discouraged donations. Responding in an email to a concerned individual who contacted him about REAL ID as a result of our Action Alert, Speaker Daudt (R-Crown) wrote:

"I hope you didn't give money to the group that asked you to send this email!?" 

Please do the opposite. Your gift today will help CCHF financially and will raise our spirits as we fight for your freedom to the end of session. We're in to win. But we do need your support! Click here to donate to CCHF!

To contact Speaker Kurt DaudtEMAILrep.kurt.daudt@house.mnPHONE: 651-296-5364 or 800-710-7642.

2) Republicans received a secret paper for REAL ID hearing. GOP members were handed a yellow document titled, "Republican Caucus" as they arrived for today's House Ways & Means Committee. After the committee passed REAL ID (the only bill heard), the GOP staff that handed the document out took it back from members as they left the room.

One also stayed around afterwards to look through the papers on the table where members sat to find any documents left behind...and then looked like he was counting them (see photo). Not sure what the paper said, but the process was fascinating. And it certainly seems that the House Republican Caucus doesn't want anyone else to read the document.

3) GOP changed the bill to claim you get a non-REAL ID option. Not so. HF 3959 requires full compliance and conformity to the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, eliminates a state-controlled driver's license, and gives us two types of federal IDs, both under federal control: 1) a "FOR Federal purposes" driver's license/ID card, and 2) a "NOT for Federal purposes" driver's license/ID card. Both must conform to REAL ID specifications.

There's no such thing as a "non-compliant" or non-REAL ID license under REAL ID. As the Senate author testifies, "non-compliant" IDs must comply with the federal law, and as the House bill makes clear, "non-compliant" licenses/IDs must comply with the REAL ID rule (Title 6, Section 37):

HF 3959 text on non compliant DL

The House Ways & Means Committee passed the REAL ID bill (HF 3959) today, but didn't allow any public testimony (we asked) despite Rep. Dennis Smith (R-Maple Grove) deleting every previous word and inserting all new language. It's a brand new bill, it's never had a policy hearing, the public wasn't allowed to testify on it, it repeals our 2009 MN state law prohibiting REAL ID, and it's headed to the House floor for a vote.  

It passed the W&M committee with a voice vote, so we have no idea how anyone voted. That too is a secret.

Keep the pressure on. 

TODAY IS THE SENATE FLOOR VOTE! The entire MN Senate will vote on the REAL ID bill today, Thursday, May 12. Debate is expected to begin after 10:00 a.m. It's the final floor vote. Ask your state Senator to vote NO on SF 3589 (author: Sen. Dibble). Place a call and send an email.

HOUSE FLOOR VOTE UP NEXT: The REAL ID House bill, HF 3959, will be heard on the House floor (likely this week). Contact Speaker Daudt and YOUR OWN state Representative today, tomorrow. Find their contact info here! 

It's your freedom. It's your 10th Amendment rights.

Take action today! Tell legislators to VOTE NO on REAL ID. Tell them "Do not repeal the 2009 MN law prohibiting REAL ID implementation."

Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder

P.S. YOU CAN FLY - without REAL ID! Read the truth as written in one sentence in final REAL ID rule. (ALSO: MN Enhanced Driver's License, 14 other IDs, and enhanced TSA security screening work too - TSA blog post)