Act Now - Stop Feds from Shutting Down Your Doctor's Office!

Deadline: Monday, June 27, 2016
(11:59 p.m. ET)

OVERVIEW: The federal government has issued a 952-page “Medicare Program: Merit-Based Incentive Payment System” (MIPS) proposed rule telling doctors how to practice medicine. To be fully paid by Medicare, your doctor must comply by reporting four types of data to the government. Penalties for non-compliance can be as high as 9% of Medicare payments. The proposed rule anticipates PENALTIES for nearly 90% of small clinics, totaling well over $300 million.  Expect small clinics to disappear!
Data from ALL PATIENTS, not just Medicare patients must be reported. If this rule is not withdrawn, expect many doctors to leave Medicare, retire or become salaried doctors under corporate health system control.

OPPOSE TODAY: Click here and comment using the “Comment Now!” buttonStart comment with “Withdraw the proposed MIPS rule” and just add another sentence or two. You have just 13 days to comment. Please say NO. Here’s what doctors are saying:

  • I am very concerned regarding the increase of data collection by the government on patients, especially for the private pay patients and commercial patients that have no idea that their information is being collected. – Florida
  • I am against MACRA MIPS. I will leave Medicare if this passes. - Arizona
  • Requiring mental health practitioners to have EHR [electronic health record] is a disaster for a profession and its patients who cannot be assured of confidentiality. – New Jersey
  • I am impressed with over 900 pages to read. I would like to know how Medicare decides what "quality" really is, and who exactly is making these decisions? … When I began my practice I fully intended to work until my 70's...but not any more. – Pennsylvania


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