Why We Launched the Wedge

August 10, 2016

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The desperate sounds of Obamacare’s death spiral are reverberating through the White House. Obama’s legacy act is in deep, deep trouble.
Obamacare co-ops are collapsing one after another. The nation’s largest insurers are backing out of Obamacare exchanges. And double-digit premium increases are forecast as two of the law’s three taxpayer-funded insurer “bailout” programs (risk corridors, reinsurance) come to an end. Billions of taxpayer dollars to pay insurers for federally-mandated pre-existing condition coverage will disappear. President Obama wanted the young and healthy to be hit with these costs, but most of the young wisely refused to enroll.
But now, even as Obamacare implodes, Americans face the difficult realities of the law’s consolidation of the entire industry. These realities will be difficult (but not impossible) to reverse: higher premiums, higher deductibles, fewer choices, the loss of affordable insurance, penalties for being uninsured, loss of privacy, community and rural hospital closures, health system monopolies and the early retirement of trusted doctors.
Single-payer advocates are plotting next steps. President Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are now pushing for a “public option” to “improve” the law. This government insurance agency would ostensibly compete with the private sector. But that’s a ruse. A government agency has access to the U.S. Treasury (and taxpayer dollars) in a way private insurers can only dream of. This is single-payer in the making.
Meanwhile, Medicare has a $43 trillion unfunded liability and the Obamacare “Innovation Center” has 500 bureaucrats developing cost-containment strategies that encourage health care rationing. At least 75 “innovation models” have been released, several mandating hospital participation nationwide.
None of this is good news for patients, ethics or lower costs.
Congress cannot run healthcare, but they can ruin it. And federal regulators have no idea how to run anything because their entire job is to interfere in the running of everything. Hundreds of thousands of federal regulations purposely get in the way. If patients, doctors and hospitals were left alone to freely and affordably interact with each other, bureaucrats would be out of work. But their job is to interfere with yours…at taxpayer expense. Regulators impose inefficiency, reduced productivity and high costs.
Congress, President Obama and federal officials claimed they could make health care better, cheaper, faster, more transparent, and more efficient. The tragic ineptitude of this claim is only outdone by the danger Americans and their doctors now face because of government-run health care. That’s why we launched The Wedge of Health Freedom! We’re bringing hope back to health care!
Working with YOU to expand The Wedge,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder
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