CCHF Letter to Sen McConnell

June 13, 2017
Senator Mitch McConnell
Majority Leader
United States Senate
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Dear Senator McConnell,
I am writing to you regarding your upcoming “repeal and replace” Obamacare bill, and our strong preference for legislation that advances patient and doctor freedom, rather than a bill that maintains Obamacare’s federal control of health care.
We would like to make a few suggestions: Five DOs and Five DON’Ts.
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom has opposed Obamacare since its introduction in 2009. CCHF continues to ask Americans to choose one of three legal alternatives to Obamacare: In 2014, using the popular “Hunger Games” theme, CCHF placed billboards around the country: “The Obamacare Games: Where the odds are never in your favor.” The campaign went viral on Facebook and Twitter.
CCHF supports full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and believes it is possible if the House and Senate would actually put it to a vote, regardless of what any ‘whip count’ may say. That said, if you do not plan to call the U.S. Senate to an up and down vote on Obamacare, we ask you to do the next best thing: help patients, doctors and real insurance companies break out of Obamacare constraints.
To move all citizens, patients and doctors toward freedom and away from national health care, focus on CARE (the one and only reason for doctors/hospitals) not coverage. Thus, we request consideration of the following as you finalize your bill.
Five DOs and five DON’Ts:
1.     Restore REAL Insurance: To restore affordable, major medical indemnity policies and to reduce the unnecessary and high administrative costs of care resulting from the current third-party-payer managed care structure, repeal the ACA Section 1302(e) prohibition against catastrophic coverage.
2.     Special Tax Exemption/Charity: Provide a tax exemption for non-managed-care, indemnity policies for 5 - 10 years to allow them to regain market share against the ACA’s consolidated, monopolized managed-care structure. Also, expand charitable tax deductions for CARING for the poor.
3.     Pre-Existing Condition Solutions: To reduce moral hazard and encourage life-long policies, temporarily fund state high-risk pools (HRPs) for people with pre-existing conditions AND encourage parent purchase of insurance pre-birth AND individual ownership of health insurance to eliminate much of the pre-existing condition problem that results from today’s employer-based and family coverage. Provide tax equity (tax deductions or no tax deductions for all) to move Americans into individual ownership.
4.     Lifelong Private Insurance: Provide escape hatch from Medicare. Allow senior citizens to voluntarily choose to retain private health insurance, including FEHBP and TRICARE, by legislatively rescinding the Clinton administration’s Social Security rule, which prohibits access to Social Security benefits unless an individual is enrolled in Medicare Part A (hospitalization).
5.     Repeal, Repeal, Repeal: Repeal all Obamacare taxes, insurance reporting to IRS, benefit mandates, coverage mandates, exchange funding, Medicaid expansion, 3Rs (reinsurance, risk adjustment and risk corridors), ACOs, APTC subsidies, and major bureaucracies such as IPAB, PCORI and CMMI.
1.     State Reinsurance Grants: Do not fund state reinsurance plans, which infuse government into all private insurance policies in the individual market. Reinsurance provides ongoing bailouts for insurers. Government covers those with expensive care, transferring the insurance risk from health plans to taxpayers. (e.g. MN Premium Security Plan). Fund HRPs and do #3 above.
2.     Auto-Enrollment: Do not require, encourage or enable auto-enrollment of individuals into health insurance. This is an intrusive infringement upon the rights of individuals to make decisions about their own lives.
3.     Cost-Sharing Subsidies: Do not continue/extend the Cost-Sharing Reduction subsidies that keep Obamacare (National Health Care) alive. Repeal them.
4.     Health Sharing Organizations: Take care not to jeopardize highly-affordable, health-sharing organizations, which have tripled in size over the past seven years under the freedom of being one of the nine Obamacare exemptions.
5.     Managed Care Control: Do not expand managed-care for private coverage or public programs. Health plans are not health insurance. Health plans are pre-paid health care—essentially socialized medicine under corporate cover with legal authority to restrict access (‘networks’) and ration care. Under Obamacare, managed care corporations are fast becoming data and dollar redistribution centers, shifting insurance risk to doctors/hospitals/taxpayers.
We understand that you may vote on a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare before the July 4th recess. As I noted above, our organization supports full repeal of the Affordable Care Act and a return to the 10th Amendment principles of federalism, which the ACA has violated for more than 7 years.
I will be in Washington, D.C. June 19 – 23 and would enjoy the opportunity to discuss these policy suggestions with you and your staff. If this is possible, please contact me at 651-646-8935 (office) or 612-619-1889 (cell) or send an email to Matt Flanders, our Legislative Specialist who will also be in D.C.:
Thank you for your consideration.
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder

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