DOUBLE your DOLLARS to Stop Obamacare!


Dear Friend,


Republicans promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 


But it's not happening - yet. 


Even last week’s “skinny repeal” wasn’t a real repeal. It would have appeased many groups but the taxes, subsidies, 159 bureaucracies, and more than 20,000 pages of regulations would have stayed in law. 


CCHF knows real repeal is possible — Congress just hasn't tried passing the two-page bill to do it. We're not willing to settle for socialized medicine. And so we're pleased to announce: 


A generous supporter has offered a $10,000 Challenge Gift and has asked YOU to MATCH IT. 


For every dollar you donate to CCHF, we'll receive a matching dollar up to $10,000 -- for a total of $20,000.


With your support, we will press for real repeal of the ACA. 


This donor has offered $10,000 to encourage you to donate to CCHF at this critical time. This is a great opportunity to help us stop Obamacare and restore freedom!!


Every gift received August 1 through August 18 will qualify.


Your gift today will help us secure every dollar of the grant. In addition, this donor asks other supporters to consider offering their own challenge gifts once we’ve met the match.  


This a great way to ensure that CCHF has sufficient educational and communication resources to continue working to overturn the ACA and replace it with free-market, common-sense alternatives, including The Wedge of Health Freedom, a free-trade zone with over 200 practices and growing. Another physician just joined yesterday.


CCHF is working to preserve real freedom – not a facade of freedom. 


Will you join us? Will you make a gift today?


We have just 18 days to "make the match"! 


CLICK HERE to donate by Friday, August 18 and your gift to CCHF goes twice as far.


Thank you for considering this special opportunity to give. 


Please join with us to make the match — and make health freedom happen!


In freedom,


Twila Brase, RN, PHN

President and Co-founder