Working in Washington This Week

November 8, 2017

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The National Physician Council of Health Care Policy, led by Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) and California physician Marcy Zwelling, MD met November 4-6 in Washington, D.C. At the invitation of Dr. Zwelling, CCHF president Twila Brase gave a presentation on privacy: “Patient Privacy, Where Art Thou?” She then led a discussion on privacy with the more than 100 physicians. The 30-minute discussion lasted an hour. Some physicians think your data is their data to do with it as they wish. Others think it’s yours.

Matt Flanders, CCHF legislative specialist, filmed the presentation. Due to microphone difficulties, Brase had to speak from the congressional dais, over the backs of the heads of the physicians, so the video does not include photos of her Powerpoint slides or views of the physicians asking questions.

Flanders also filmed a Facebook live interview with Matthew Hahn, MD regarding how electronic health records are “the worst thing” that’s happened to medical practice. On Monday, Brase took the opportunity to “walk and talk” with former Congressman John Fleming, MD, now in the Trump administration and tasked with decreasing physician burden. During the Q&A part of a talk by Congressman Michael Burgess, M.D. he stated that Obamacare will not be repealed in one bill but will take several. That said, CCHF doubts plans for full repeal are on the table.

When Brase asked about the elimination of medical deductions in the pending tax bill — medical deductions would only be available to those with a health savings account (HSA)— he said he could live with that as long as the standard deduction was doubled. CCHF told him some people don’t want HSAs and others can’t get them. CCHF also knows that some health plans have opened banks to hold and profit off the HSA dollars!

We are still in D.C. Today we are meeting with key congressional staffers and the administration – all focused on restoring health freedom in America. Thank you for your support to that allows us to do what we do here in D.C. and elsewhere to stay fully engaged in the battle for patient and doctor freedom! 

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