Imposing Obamacare - State by State

January 24, 2018

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Beware the newest Obamacare plan. Liberals are pushing states to reinstate the penalty for being uninsured—using state law. Here’s are five to-dos for states written by former Obama officials (with my definitions for what they really mean):
  • Restore Individual Mandate — Restore ACA individual mandate by adopting a state “penalty for people who remain uninsured when affordable coverage is available.”
  • Improve Affordability — Seek federal permission to tap taxpayers for funds to cover the cost of annually bailing out health plans (state “reinsurance” program) hoping the plans will be kind enough to reduce deductibles and/or premiums.
  • Limit Substandard Plans — Mandate the very thing that makes today’s “insurance” unaffordable: coverage for uninsurable (pre-existing) conditions.
  • Safeguard Health Benefits — Prohibit coverage that doesn’t include ACA’s “essential health benefits,” which require people to buy coverage they don’t need.
  • Get People Covered — Enroll as many people as possible in government exchange coverage (Obamacare).
Some GOP legislators appear to be on the individual mandate wagon. Minnesota state Senator Scott Jensen, a physician from the most conservative part of the state, recently declared in the Star Tribune, “An individual mandate resonates with conservative principles of personal responsibility. . . . Public and private entities have both indicated strong support for a health care insurance mandate.”
This is not the first time Sen. Jensen likely surprised his conservative constituents. Last year, he was the sole Republican voting for a Democrat amendment to establish an ACA-like “public option” in Minnesota called the MinnesotaCare Buy-In proposal.
However, Jensen admits “too many ‘essential’ benefits will likely sabotage the affordability and sustainability of such a mandate,” so he suggests the mandate could be for catastrophic coverage of hospitalizations, access to certain medications, ER visits for “true emergencies” and mental health problems.
Freedom-loving conservatives in every state should let their legislators know that a state-imposed individual mandate and annual taxpayer-funded bailouts for health plans rolling in cash are big, bad ACA ideas.
Let me reiterate a fact. The entire Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate and its penalty tax, has not been repealed. And the penalty has only been zeroed out. There are pages and pages of programs, agencies, mandates, taxes, reporting requirements and more that most people don’t know about, but which have changed our insurance and medical delivery systems.
Meanwhile all 2,700 pages of the law (and 20,000+ pages of regulations) remain in force. The photo to the right is the 900-page version of the ACA we have in our office. It’s all still the law of the land.
Committed to ending the ACA,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder