TOMORROW - Big Business Wants Your Medical Records!

MN Legislative Hearing — TOMORROW, Tues., March 12

Please CALL & EMAIL—and COME if you can!

Your Rights and Freedom at Stake!

Tomorrow, March 12, 2019, there is a hearing at the MN legislature on a bill to eliminate your power to choose who sees, accesses, shares, and uses the data in your medical records. He who holds the data makes the rules. If you lose your right to say "NO," you'll lose the freedom patients and doctors need in the exam room.

Big Business (MN Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Business Partnership, Minnesota Council of Health Plans) will be in the Minnesota Senate tomorrow testifying FOR eliminating patient consent: S.F. 1575 (Pratt-R). This bill will REPEAL Minnesota's strong patient privacy rights and consent requirements, allowing a patient's identifiable, confidential health information to be broadly distributed without patient consent.


Senate Committee on Health & Human Services Finance & Policy
CHAIR: Sen. Michelle Benson

TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 12

3:00 - 4:30 pm
Room 1200 MN Senate Office Building
95 University Ave W., St. Paul, MN 55155


Minnesota's privacy law protects you from HIPAA, the federal no-privacy rule. The MN Health Records Act is the best privacy law in the nation, requiring your consent for data-sharing. Because it's better than HIPAA, Minnesota's law must be followed.

But the very powerful business community wants all the details in your medical records for their own profit-seeking purposes. This is the "big guys" against the "little guys." YOU are the little guy!


The details in your medical record are a gold mine:

  • diagnoses
  • medications
  • financial information
  • family relationships
  • personal comments
  • demographics
  • genetic information
  • employment
  • behaviors, etc.

The storage and analysis of health care data alone is now a $7 billion a year industry.

These powerful corporations and their many "business associates" can also use your data to harm you

  • You and your doctor can be profiled. 
  • Predictive analytics can be used to predict future conditions. 
  • Treatment protocols that ration your care can be imposed. 
  • Doctors that individualize your treatment can be penalized. 
  • Your data can be bought and sold. 
  • Your data can be sent overseas. 
  • Your data can be used to generate huge profits.

ACT NOW -- before SF 1575 becomes law and corporations claim your medical records as their own! 


1. Send Email to Committee Members (see addresses in #3 below)


Dear _________, 

The Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee is hearing S.F. 1575 (Pratt-R-Prior Lake) on Tuesday, March 12 (tomorrow). This bill eliminates my control over who sees, accesses, shares, and uses my private medical records. It puts me and my data under the no-privacy federal HIPAA rule. It eliminates my current privacy and consent rights by destroying the best state patient privacy law in the nation. It lets outsiders, big businesses, business associates, health plans, hospitals, clinics, and more disclose and use my confidential individually-identifiable medical records without my consent. I oppose this bill, and I am asking you to vote "NO" on S.F. 1575. Please respond by telling me how you plan to vote.


2. Join us at the hearing: Come TOMORROW, March 12 for the 3:00 - 4:30 pm hearing (we suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes before to make sure you're seated at the start of the hearing). Come to Room 1200 of the MN Senate Office Building, which is located at 95 University Ave W., St. Paul, MN 55155.

TESTIMONY DEADLINE (written, emailed, or signed up to testify) is 10:00 AM tomorrow, March 12. If you wish to testify or send testimony, please contact Bailey Strand at bailey.strand@senate.mnFor questions about testifying, contact CCHF's Matt Flanders: matt at cchfreedom dot org

3. Committee Contact Info: 
To contact committee members, you can go to the committee website. The committee chair is GOP Senator Michelle Benson ( Vice Chair is GOP Senator Scott Jensen, M.D., a co-sponsor of SF 1575 (
Other members:,,

NOTE: some Senators have chosen to use a website email form. If the regular email bounces, click on "Use Mail Form" on the committee members website and copy and paste your message:

Your Immediate Action is Essential! 

Let us know you're standing with us to stop this violation of your patient privacy rights, your consent rights -- and your freedom!

Questions? Contact CCHF at 651-646-8935 or info at cchfreedom dot org