Vaccine Passports . . . the Stealth Move to Tyranny

March 31, 2021

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Vaccination passports are the antithesis of a free society. They violate everything that is America. But that's not stopping the Biden administration from working to make them a reality. Biden officials claim otherwise, but it’s not true. They want them. They believe in them. And they are setting the standards for them. They just don’t want you to see their fingerprints all over them.

Here is what Andy Slavitt, a former Obama official and now a senior advisor to President Biden on all things Covid-19, said about vaccination passports: 

"This is going to hit all--all parts of society. And so, naturally, the government is involved. But unlike other parts of the world, the government here is not viewing its role as the place to create a passport, nor a place to hold the data of--of citizens. We view this as something that the private sector is doing and will do. What’s important to us, and we’re leading an interagency process right now to go through these details, are that some important criteria be met with these credentials. . . . It is important for--for us, and it will be--we will be very clear about how that will happen, that the guidelines that I just talked about are port of that process. . . ."
Their Plan: Worried about public perception that "the government will play too heavy-handed of a role of monitoring their vaccinations, and that mandates will be coming from the federal government,” the Biden administration is going to regulate from afar, in a less obvious, behind-the-curtain fashion:
“[I]t would discourage people to feel like that was the role we are playing. So we think we can have the best of all worlds. We think we can essentially put forward guidelines and guidance. And given the federal government’s source and role in society, for everything from the TSA to the VA, to Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC, I could go on and on, you know, we have a major impact in what will get done. So, we are putting forward our principles very clearly. We will be even more clear in the time ahead, and we believe based on everything we know, that that will influence the outcomes in the way we described."
Puppeteer Pulls the Strings: In essence, the U.S. government will play the part of the invisible puppeteer. Guidance is what government does when they want to fast-track something and avoid public comment requirements. And businesses looking to make a buck from this freedom-denying mechanism, know they’ll be in the clear as long as they follow the "guidance.” 

This is a government vaccination passport program no matter what it’s calls, or how it looks. The Biden administration's goal is VACCINATIONS FOR ALL. This is coercion at its finest. Without a passport, American citizens will not be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights. They won’t be able to engage freely in public life. This is a violation of all things American.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the STATE of the free and the brave, Governor Ron DeSantis is moving to ban vaccination certificates by executive order. This is the right thing to do — the American thing to do. Every other governor needs to follow suit.

Protest Time? It may soon be time to protest in every state capitol against the “papers, please” certification that’s dressed up as “private enterprise” but totally build on a government chassis.  There’s nothing private or free-market about the vaccination passport. This is a question of privacy or tyranny. Vaccination passports must be stopped in their tracks.

Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder