Mayo Clinic Documents Opposing Consent Requirements

Mayo Clinic Testimony opposing consent requirements for storage and use of genetic information, including biological specimens (HF 1821).

Mayo Clinic Letter supporting State storage and use of Baby DNA without parent consent requirements.

The Consent Requirements opposed by the Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Letter opposing parent consent requirements for newborn genetic testing

On March 31, 2006, the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Don Betzold, voted to delete the entire section below from the bill. This means that the stricken section (current law) stands and the underscored section (informed consent required before testing) was eliminated from the bill.

Mayo Clinic Letter to Senator Hann

Mayo Clinic Letter to Senator Hann
Dear Senator Hann:
...This research and devlopment effort can only take place if the newborn's blood spots are available after their testing is completed.