CCHF Reports on Newborn Screening Nationwide

GLENN BECK PROGRAM interviews CCHC president:
"Who's DNA is it Anyway?


Newborn Genetic Screening - The New Eugenics? (2009 CCHC REPORT)


The Untold PKU Testing Story...and Why it Challenges Government-Mandated Newborn (Genetic) Screening (2008 CCHC REPORT)

A Critical Analysis of the Implications for Genetic Privacy and Consent Rights in Congress' Proposed 'Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007' (2008 CCHC REPORT)


Thus far, the state of Minnesota has illegally collected and claims ownership to the DNA of 780,000 children (soon to be voting adults) and has provided the DNA of 42,210 children to genetic researchers without parent consent. Approximately, 73,000 children are born in Minnesota every year. About 4.2 million children are born across the nation. All of them are losing their genetic privacy and DNA ownership rights. Listen in to an interview of Twila Brase, president of CCHC, as she discusses what's at stake for all citizens in the pending legislation.

Twila Brase (CCHC President)