Minnesota Laws & Documents

Minnesota Emergency (and 24/7)

Health Powers Act

MN Department of Health begins Surveillance for Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Minnesota Government Health Powers: Your Rights and Government Powers if Swine Flu Strikes (CCHC REPORT, Sept 2009)

Minnesota's Emergency Health Powers Powerpoint

Minnesota Department of Health: 2005 Updates to the Law on Isolation and Quarantine

NOTE: 24/7/365 authority underscored on page 8, paragraph 3, last sentence.

Minnesota Isolation, Quarantine and Mass Dispensing Law with 2005 Amendments: Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.419-144.4197

NOTE: The expiration dates were removed, the section made permanent. The 2009 legislature also removed the language about deadly force, but read its approval for continuing use of deadly force into the Senate Judiciary Committee record.

Minnesota State Emergency Management and
Government Health Powers Statutes

Minnesota Statute 12.21
Minnesota Statute 12.28
Minnesota Statute 12.31
Minnesota Statute 12.32
Minnesota Statute 12.34
Minnesota Statute 12.39
Minnesota Statute 12.61
Minnesota Statute 144.419
Minnesota Statute 144.4195
Minnesota Statute 144.4196
Minnesota Statute 144.4197
Minnesota Statute 148.235
Minnesota Statute 151.37