The Battle for America

Commentary from Twila Brase, President CCHF


March 13, 2013


The battle over Obamacare is bigger than health care. It's about whether we'll be a free nation of free people or whether government will rule over our lives and determine our value. Three years after Obama's health reform bill became the so-called "law of the land," it's nowhere close to being accepted as such. The average of three polls taken between June and November 2012 shows 50.3% of Americans support repeal and only 44.3% oppose repeal. This is good news!

The states are battlegrounds. Various GOP governors are wrestling with Exchanges and Medicaid expansion. For instance, Republicans have just rejected GOP Florida Governor Rick Scott's embrace of Medicaid expansion. But it appears Idaho's Republican governor "Butch" Otter,and a platoon of wayward Republicans, may soon build Obama's exchange for him, despite outrage by main street Republicans.
It's not settled in Congress either. A new call for a repeal is coming from GOP Senators. Congressman Paul Ryan's new budget gets half of its savings - $1.84 trillion - from defunding Obamacare. Sequestration has also cut $20 million from Obama's rationing-based Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute and $44 million from Obama's Exchanges. Even better, per POLITICO, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate has rejected Obama's request for $949 million to develop the Exchanges.
Here's some more good news. The Exchanges, which are key to the federal takeover of health care, are a "no-go" for at least half the states. The other half cannot implement national health care on their own.
Desperate federal officials resort to stealth. Since not one dime has been appropriated for the feds to build a Federal Exchange, they are looking for states to "partner" with them on building it. And they are happy to let states stay "hush-hush" about it, according to POLITICO. HHS is even willing to bribe states with grants if they agree to participate in a Federal Exchange. But that arrangement, according to POLITICO, looks suspiciously like a "partnership exchange" that at least half the states don't want any part of. As Utah's governor says, "Some people don't like the idea of a partnership, because the concern they have is one partner is superior to the other." 
Stealth is a concern throughout the Exchange. For example, for all practical purposes, there's no private insurance on the exchange. First of all this is a government exchange. Second, most people buying coverage will get it on a sliding fee scale. The government will subsidize insurance for anyone at or under the federal poverty guidelines. Soon that will be families of four making more than $100,000. The Exchange builds middle-class dependency on government.
Exchange coverage is 'Medicaid for the middle class." Consider this: the only policies available are federally-qualified plans which must offer federally-required benefits making it so expensive that there will soon be federal subsidies for much of the middle class. The government already contracts with private insurers for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). These recipients have "Blue Cross" cards and cards with other insurers' names.  Case in point, Pennsylvania's CHIP division writes,
"CHIP is administered by private health insurance companies that are licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and have contracts with the commonwealth to offer CHIP coverage."
The feds are banking on one big lie to nationalize health care. Everyone from HHS to state officials to exchange enthusiasts  claim exchanges are "marketplaces" This is absolutely 100% not true. State-established exchanges are super-sized government agencies that put the federal government in charge of health care and bring the middle class into Medicaid.
Will you fight for America?
Resistance is key: Don't build Obama's exchange. Don't fund his exchange. Don't connect state IT systems to his exchange. Don't enroll in his exchange. No cooperation. No capitulation. 
Stand with CCHF in this battle for freedom.
Twila Brase RN, PHN
President, CCHF
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