Obamacare’s Billion-Dollar Siren Song


August 21, 2013



The Obamacare bombardment is escalating. And you, the American taxpayer, are paying for it. Here are some of the latest entries into the nationwide marketing blitz:
  • HHS has teamed up with the liberal "Young Invincibles" to award $30,000 for over 100 prizes for video productions that will "attract youth to sign up" for Obamacare....and HHS awarded $150 million to community health centers nationwide for outreach and enrollment work.
  • MNsure, the Minnesota Exchange has revealed their$9 million "Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox" marketing campaign which includes billboards, television commercials, bus ads, radio ads and more. But they managed to irk the northern Minnesota communities in which the legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan is seen as a strong heroic type, not a bumbling "birdbrain" who can't confront a beaver or throw his trusty ax without hurting himself.
  • Planned Parenthood has received a $375,000 grant from the DC Health Benefit Exchange to assist with enrollment efforts.
  • Obama Administration has awarded $67 million to 105 groups that will serve as "navigators" to steer people into the Obamacare government Exchange. They planned to spend only $54 so for the increase they dipped into the ACA's public health and prevention fund for $13 million to cover the cost.
That's not all. The television industry is expecting a bonanza from Obamacare exchange advertising. From health plans alone, $1 billion of advertising over two years is expected. A Bloomberg Government study revealed plans will receive $1 trillion in taxpayer dollars directly from exchange enrollment - 98% of new spending in Obamacare. Additional television ads will come from state exchanges and HHS - all taxpayer-funded.
Exchange marketing requires name branding. The States and Washington, D.C. which have funded their own exchanges (state website portals) have also some up with their own names for those websites. The rest of the states, whose residents must go through the federal website portal (healthcare.gov) for Obamacare coverage, may or may not choose a state "storefront" name to disguise the federal nature of the entire system. The following names have been created names to sell the state-based Obamacare Exchanges:
Do you see a common pattern? Connect. Exchange. Connector. Finder. The state exchanges (website portals) are all part of a national computerized data systemoperated under the 2,700 page federal ACA law and more than 20,000 federal rules and created using a standardized playbook for each state, which I call "The Big Blue Book."These websites are not independent. They are not "state exchanges." They are all hooked into the Federal Data Hub. No matter what their name is, no matter who pays for them, they are all part of a federal system intended to impose Obamacare.
The sales pitch for Obamacare enrollment has begun in earnest. Expect a fevered pitch as the October 1, 2013 date for open enrollment nears and stretches to March 1, 2014. Without enrollment, Obamacare will fail. They know it and we know it. And that is where the battle between health freedom and socialized medicine is being engaged.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Obamacare will lead to single-payer health care after the insurance system is dismantled. But I believe the ultimate goal is a "single seller system" of networked government exchanges under federal control, which will be enabled by the nationwide data-collecting Federal Data Hub and managed by government contractors (health plans) for a hefty fee. The tagline of MNsure appears to concur: "Land of 10,000 reasons to get health insurance. (And one great place to find it.)"
One place. The plans for a "single-seller system" are already evident. In Vermont and Washington, D.C., the only place for individuals and small businesses to get coverage is the government Exchange. All other options have been prohibited.
Don't enroll in Exchange coverage. (See refuse2enroll.org). Insufficient enrollees means insufficient funding which will lead to Exchange failure. Help us keep this "single-seller" apparatus from becoming a permanent fixture in America. Share the truth about Obamacare ... as the million-dollar marketing campaigns sing the siren's song to lure your friends and family in.

Working with you for freedom,

Twila Brase, R.N., PHN
President and Co-founder