Helpful COVID-19 Resources -- this link, appearing on billboards nationwide, is where citizens can learn about the Covid-19 shot, adverse events reported from vaccination, the public reporting systems for adverse events, and the stories of those choosing not to get the injection. -- find early treatment protocols, clinics, and other resources to access early treatment such as ivermectin and hydroxychloraquine; watch videos of physicans discussing early treatment and saving patients from being hospitalized; and discover the Chronic COVID Treatment Center helping people who survived Covid but have not yet been able to recover. ("Long-haul Covid") -- find exemption forms and the names of organizations and attorneys who are taking cases of those citizens being forced to decide between a job or a jab, or being forced into vaccination to get an education. Also find various persuasion suggestions to use to encourage your employer or other individuals to back away from the mandate.

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We hope these websites, and their information, will prove to be useful for the many Americans searching for truth about COVID, assistance against vaccination mandates, and hope for protecting themselfes against the virus. We hope to keep the pages fairly updated, but be sure to read the disclaimers. If you find these helpful, please share them with others in need of information